Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A nail in the foot

Monday was a crazy day!! For the last week, we had been going over to my sisters house. Jason has been putting in a bathroom downstairs at my sisters and I have been trying to help. Well, Monday was like any other fed and playing outside as I help Jason. I happened to be outside for a bit as I watched the kids climb trees, forgetting about the old fence boards on the ground. Joshua was under the tree and walked around it and then a sudden scream!! He came hopping out from under the tree. At first I thought it was a bee sting, but then I saw all the blood coming from his foot and realized that it must have been a nail. So I rushed into the house to get Jason and a wet wash cloth. After cleaning it up a bit, I saw a piece of sandal in his foot. Jason said he needed to go to the Jason carried Joshua to the car and off we went. I tried to prepare him for the worst, hoping that it wouldn't happen...but my fears came true. After the doctor took a look at it, he said all that I pepared Joshua for...a shot in the foot by the nail hole to numb it so they could take out the piece of sandal and then a tetanus shot in the arm. The doctor explained everything that was going to happen. He was scared and I was scared for him. He was to lay on his belly as I was to help hold him down as a nurse held his leg as the doctor put in the needle. Tears filled my eyes as he screamed and held him down, trying to comfort him and talk to him. It was over...the foot was numb and the doctor was able to remove the sandal piece. Then the tetanus shot...wasn't nearly as bad as the foot. He handled that one quite well. After paying the $225 BILL!!!! I took him for some ice cream :)
Yesterday as I was making supper, Joshua brought up his foot and the nail and said, ''Jesus had a nail in His foot''. I said, ''Yes He did, and in both of His hands and His nails in his hands and feet went ALL the way through, think of how painful that must have been?'' ''He did that for you and me and for everyone, because He loves us.''
Today as I was thinking of our conversation in the kitchen, this well known verse came to mind. Isaiah 53:5 ''But he was wounded (or, tormented) for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.'' As I thought about how hard it was for me to see Joshua in pain, I couldn't imagine the pain God the Father must have gone through as He saw His Son , Jesus beatened, tormented, nails driven through His hands and feet, a crown of thorns pressed into His head. I can't imagine what He must felt. It helps put my priorities into place as I remember ALL that He had done just for me and the whole world!
It was a good reminder to me. I'm just thankful that Joshua is ok. He has restrictions, but he'll be ok :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Do I really see the light at the end of this tunnel??

It started out as a cough, which then turned into a cold, then sinus infection, then laryngitis (I had no voice for 4 days), and now strep!! I have been sick for 4 weeks!! I think I've coughed up a few lungs (well, I only have two), thought my head would explode from the pressure from my sinus infection, thought Jason's and the kids prayers would be answered that my voice would never return...basically, just shoot me!! I was a wreck!! This week I have strep and it also happens to be VBS. I helped out in the nursery and once I saw the spots on my throat Tuesday night, I was devastated!! I held all those kids!! I am praying that they will be ok!! So now my kids are unable to go and they are greatly disappointed...they were having so much fun!! Thankfully my friend, Steph realized that death was knocking on my door and came to the rescue :) I think she was trying to kill me more with this wretched oil of oregano!!! hahahahahaha....just kidding, Steph!! :) Well, this oil of oregano is to help, correct me if I'm wrong, build up my immune system, same with this syrup stuff called elderberry, zinc, and echinacea. I am also taking amoxicillian, which my sister hooked me up with without having to go to the doctor :)
Anyways, I finally am starting to feel somewhat better...whaahooo!!! It is nice not too feel miserable!!! I am finally on the road to recovery!! Thanks to those who have been praying!! So far my kids have had just colds...pray that they and the nursery children and my husband do not get strep!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sunday afternoon shootin' :)

Jason thought it would be fun to take the kids shooting. The targets were paper targets and little cowboys and indians figures. The guns that would be used were, the Red Rider BB gun, a pellet gun, and a 22 rifle. So we all piled up in the car and headed over to Jason's friends house. In the pictures below, are the kids shooting the BB gun. They liked that one, especially Jesse because it made hardly any noise :) It was funny watching the younger ones ''eye'' up the target. Jacob and Jessica were no where close, but that's ok, Jacob still said, ''that was so AWESOME!!'' He's so funny, everything is ''so awesome'' or ''cool''.
The next gun was the pellet gun, but after many failed attempts by Jason to get the gun sited in to shoot properly, he gave up and we moved on to the 22.....psssssssst, I shot the indian right off the target with the pellet gun....hehehehehehe, but I aimed over his!! we still didn't let the kids shoot it seeing that it still wasn't shooting accurate.
Anyways, I'll explain more in the next set of pictures. :)

Sunday afternoon shootin' part 2

Here in these pictures, are the kids shooting with the 22. The kids liked this one the most because they blew the cowboys and indians to smitherines!! :) Jacob didn't get any but it was still ''so awesome!!'' After many rounds with everyone and several wounded figures, we were done and decided to let the kids go swimming in the pond Jason's friend has. Many frogs were caught and tossed back into the pond. The kids had fun swimming.
We were invited to stay for a cookout, and so we did :) Later, it was time to go and I piled all the kids back up into the car, but got a talkin' with Jason's friends wife...anyways, we leave and head home. A little bit later we get a phone call...we forgot Jesse!! Aparently, he got out while we were talking, and told Joshua that he was going back to get the rest of the cowboys and indians. After returning and picking up a little distraught boy, we were headed back home :) All in all, it was a fun afternoon!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend!

Sniffles, coughs, sneezes was how our Fourth of July consisted of!! We still had a nice weekend, but everyone was kinda sick. Saturday I made cupcakes as the kids had frosted them and decorated them. Saturday night we took the kids into Sturdavent for fireworks, we were pretty close and the kids had fun. We even shared our OFF spray with some teenagers who were in desperate need of some spray as they were getting eaten alive!! Sunday, we stayed home, due to not wanting upset parents for getting their kids sick at church. We grilled out for lunch and supper. After supper the kids did sparklers and snaps. Jason was still not feeling well, so he opted out on going across the street to watch the Burlington fireworks, so the kids and I went. I should have opted out as well as we sat there in the still enjoyed it :) Then this morning we headed out to Union Grove for their Fourth of July parade. Oh my goodness did the kids ever get a load of candy!!! It was very hot and humid, but I was thankful it didn't rain as predicted. On the way home we stopped at the Veteran Memorial and saw the army tanks. Jesse climbed to the end of the barrel and wanted me to take his picture. I was a bit nervous and told him to get down slowly!! My sister posted a neat post yesterday on facebook. I probably won't get it word for word but you'll get the point. Seeing as yesterday was Independence Day, we are reminded of two.....ok, ok, I had to save this and look on facebook to get it exactly right cuz I liked it so much. ''Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you...JESUS CHRIST and the AMERICAN SOLDIER. One died for your soul; the other for your freedom. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!'' I thought it was a neat quote :)

Great America pt 3