Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Boxes, boxes, and more boxes!!!!

Well as many of you already know...we MOVED!!!! Let me just say, ''never, never, NEVER, well maybe never again, do I want to move!!''
It all started back in August when Jason was winding down with work and nothing too promising for the next several months. I put a shout out for prayer for him on good ol' Facebook. That night his friend from up north from us, called and said that they could really use some help seeing that they were losing 5 guys as they were gonna be heading back to college. So Jason figured he'd give it a try. Well I know I had mentioned a bit about the job in my last blog or so, that it really isn't the worlds greatest job, but it's a job and we are thankful he has work. So anyways, two weeks ago the kids and I had gone up with him and stayed the week at our friends house. I did some calling around for was a little unsettling to me because it was becoming all to real for me that this move might happen, and I wasn't mentally prepared for it. Well, I had finally found two places through a realitor and made an appointment the next evening with her for her to show it to both Jason and I. I was a bit skeptic seeing that she sounded uncertain to do an evening showing. So Jason and I show up at th office Wednesday evening at 6:30pm as planned. Hmmm...we waited, I called and left a message on her cell show. So, Jason was like, ''maybe God doesn't want us to move or for me to take this job''...he had a really bad day that day. So we get back to his friends house and my friends was like, ''just call tomorrow''. I really didn't want to, because we figured, well, if she couldn't show up for a showing, then why call again? But I did, I called the next morning and explained the situation and the guy was like, ''I'm surprised she scheduled such a late showing, she's nearing 80, plus she was in Eau Claire''. So he had me talk to her and she was willing to show it to me that morning. At first I found it to be odd that she made no mention of the night before, but I thought, ''well, she IS nearing 80, she probably forgot already!!'' So my friend Kris, the kids, and I went to look at the two rentals. The first one was a nice 3 bedroom side by side duplex, and the second side by side wasn't finished. So, I had taken pictures of the first place, filled out paper work and handed it the next morning. I still found it odd that she made no mention or apologies for the missed showing, but I brushed it off. After I had turned in the papers on Friday morning, that afternoon we had gotten a call from the realitor. She wanted to talk to me. She's was like, ''I'm so sorry for not showing up yesterday for the showing,'' (well, it was Friday an yesterday was Thursday and the showing was Wednesday...anyhoo). She said, ''I was detained in Eua Claire'' I said, ''that's ok''. So she goes on to say, ''Now you were interested in seeing the two rentals?'' and I said, ''Well, I saw them already, you showed them to me yesterday with my friend and my kids, and I filled out paper work and turned it in this morning'', ''Oh'', she says. ''Then you're approved!'' I was thinking, ''Oh really now, DOES SHE EVEN KNOW WHO SHE'S TALKING TO???'' Jason, Kris, and I had a good laugh :)
So we came home late Friday night and the next day I was up early. I couldn't sleep, my mind was trying to process it all. Trying to give it all to God. So Saturday consisted of sorting, tossing, and packing. Monday my mom and sister came over to help. The next few days was like that. I figured that I had two weeks to pack and in the first week I would pack as much as I could so I could send up a big load for Jason to take back up.
Well, come Wednesday evening, Jason calls and says,''we're getting a big moving truck and Mike is coming down with and we're gonna move it all this weekend'' I went into sheer panic mode!! He reassured me that we could do it. So now I had to kick it up a notch with packing. My mind had no time to process anything!! The kids were upset that they had to leave their friends ad family sooner. The next few days seem like a blurr now, but it was sure crazy!!
Jason came home late Friday night and Saturday by noon we were loading up. We were still packing up at 11:30pm and ended up camping out in our empty house we were about to leave. We set out early the next morning and had gotten to our new place by 11am. By 1pm we had a handful of teens from our friends' church over here helping unload. It was nice just to stand in the living room giving direction to each person with a box or item :) The big truck was unloaded in such a short time...we were so thankful for their help!!
These last few days have been busy unpacking. The kids are enjoying the new place...they still miss ''home''. I am exhausted so today instead of unpacking we did a little exploring and walked around town and had fun finding many places :)
I am sure I will have my breakdown once all settles down and my mind can process it all. I do miss my friends and family, thankfully there is facebook!! :)
I know God has something in store for our family and I am excited to see what opportunities He will bring! :)
Well, I better start breaking down fun!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jesse's project

We have a Play Station 2, and well, it no longer works. The kids have been really disappointed. Basically the motor is shot. So Jesse had this brilliant idea to try and fix it. So seeing that it's already broken, what more could he do? So here he is, Mr. Determined to get this thing working...more power to him!!

The silence has broken....

Holy shamoly!! Had to clear the tumble weeds, cob webs, and the dust that filled this blog!! I guess I didn't realize how long it's been since my last blog. And to be honest, I really haven't been THAT busy not to be able to. Life seems to be moving at a slow pace. I feel like in limbo as I wait for the next thing to happen.
A few things are going on. Work for Jason has been real slow for awhile. A friend of his called him up and offered him a job. GREAT, you might think or what we thought, unless you like being surrounded in cow manure all day. No, we are thankful for this opportunity, it just isn't the worlds best job...Jason should be on that cable show that used to be on (it may still be on, we don't have cable anymore), Dirty Jobs!! :) The downside to this job is that the job is up in Eau Claire, 5 hours away from us. So Jason has been going up there and staying the week with his friend and his family. He also has been taking the car, which leaves us a bit house bound. Jeepers, you don't realize how much you appreciate your husband and his presence!! I miss him terribly, maybe cause I am in desperate need of some relief from the I miss his presence, I miss his hugs and kisses, I miss our talks, I miss the way he annoys me into laughter, I miss him picking on me and pinning me down so the kids can all tickle me!! I hate feeling like a single parent! So our 7:30pm phone calls we all look forward to when we all get a chance to talk to him. Last week, he surprised us by coming home a day early! This weekend we will be going up with him to be with him for the week. Please be in prayer for our family as Jason has to make a decision as to whether or not to move us all up there. I have been yappin and texting a friend to help keep me company and help pass the time :)
Life without a car has become a bit challenging. Last week, my aunt had watched the kids so I could run a few errands. I was able to borrow my parents firebird with kids in tow to run errands (ok, yeah, cool ya think...I got to drive a firebird. My mom wanted to know if I felt like hot stuff, and well, not really when ya got 4 kids in the back with ya...the kids sure had fun!). We rode bikes to the library and to some parks. This week, we rode bikes to the park, library, AND the store. The store trip was a bit nerve racking...traffic was a bit too much, and when you are trying your best to think of the best and safest route for your kids...your adrenaline is flowin'!! Needless to say, we all made it safe and sound!! The best part was that we made it home with uncracked eggs...ALL 18!!!
So, despite our little vehicle situation, we're still able to get out some :)
I am still trying to get school material for the kids. I am very thankful to have run into a friend at Walmart. She had the whole 5th grade curriculum and said I can have it!! Now ALL I need is the workbooks for 1st, 3rd, and 5th grade, but are extremely tight financially...sooo, not sure when we will be starting :\
Last Saturday, I had gone into Union Grove with the kids to visit Shepherds and visit the ladies I cared for and to visit the staff I had made friends with. One big highlight to this visit was that a friend who used to work with me there was coming to visit from Michigan. She emailed me and wanted to visit Shepherds and the staff we used to work with and me :) I was so excited, I hadn't seen her since November! It was a good visit...many changes since I left, but what's new, changes are happening all the time there. It was good to see everyone again :)
So that's what has been happening in our household. So now you aren't left in the dark... :)