Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A day of fun and excitement!!

FINALLY, yes, FINALLY, my friends...we had a successful fishing day!!! Yesterday morning was like any other morning as we readied ourselves to head out in hopes to catch some fish. We heard the typical moans and groans from the kids, ''I don't wanna go ice fishing''...ya can't blame them, we've have too many unsuccessful ice fishing days. So we packed up and headed out. ooops, forgot to put the garbage can away...we quickly turned around, we haven't even been gone for two minutes. We pull into the driveway and I said to Jason, ''I see no head looking out the window, he's already making a mess!'' As I called it, I walk in and there is a mess of garbage everywhere....grrrr...HUNTER!!! Ok, back to our HAPPY day :) We get out on to the ice and notice new tire tracks going in a different direction to where we were gonna head. So Jason drives in the direction of the new tracks and parks and walks over the little island that had a path that led to the other side of the water. He came back saying that it looked as though there were a lot of people there the day before. He's like, ''you decide, I'll just blame you if we catch nothing!'' ha! So I decided to try the new spot...I figured, ''what does it matter? I'll just get blamed no matter what!'' haha! j\k So we get our stuff our there and Jason drills a hole first to see if he can see any fish. Oh my goodness!!! A mother load of pan fish!!! So up goes the shack, we set up the 11 tip ups in shallow water, and then started jigging in the shack. Goodness!! There were soo many Perch, Bluegill, Crappies, Rock fish, and some Bass....if only we could catch them!! It was so frustrating, you'd think with that much fish you'd be catchin them right and left...but that wasn't the case. You could see them down in the hole...you'd lower your bait, fish would zoom up to it, then...it was the stare down contest, ''Hey George, you gonna eat it?'' ''I don't know Susie, you think I should?'' ''I don't know, let's just keep staring at it just to frustrate the humans...hehehehe'' ''Sounds like a plan''....ugh, crazy fish!! It was like that all day!! The tip ups....were going up non stop!! We'd get either false alarms, get robbed a minnow, or there was a fish but he let go, or the line broke as Jason was bringing one in, and then of course...4 successful catches of Northern Pikes...we only kept 3. It was just back and forth...jigging, FLAG, jigging, two FLAGS, jigging, Flag!! YES, just like that, seriously!! I got my exercise for the day. That afternoon, we had another exciting moment. As I peeked out the door of the ice shack, I saw another flag. Jason was trying to fix his jig pole, so I ran out. The spool was spinning fast!! I was super excited! I set the hook and started pulling in...I realized that I couldn't do it. I could feel it getting tangled in the weeds and I was afraid of losing this huge fish, so I yelled for Jason to come help. By this time all the kids are standing around the hole getting ready to see the huge fish...they get soo excited! Jason takes over and pulls and pulls...line is everywhere...finally he pulls and out comes a muskrat half way out of the hole!!! We all kinda jumped back, because we were NOT expecting THAT!!! COOL!! I've never seen a muskrat in person and neither had the kids. I made them step back in case he got loose...so what do I do??? Pull out my phone and get up close to take a picture and video!! :) The muskrat tried to bite Jason as he tried to unhook him. Finally, he got him unhooked and he turned around and went back into the hole. It was crazy and cool!! :) So as the day went on, overall we had caught a handful of bluegills and a few perch. Unfortunately, we wished that the catchin' was better for the kids, they still had a lot of fun and were excited to see all the fish down their holes. For once, we didn't hear, ''when are we going home?'' ''I'm waiting to go home'' ''I'm tired''...for once, I didn't take a catnap while waiting to catch nothing!! It was a fun day and the kids didn't want to leave for once :) Unfortunately, the fish won't stay there for long as they eventually will move on to another location...hopefully they can be there next weekend :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Look :)

Awwwwww....ain't it so purdy??? It's been long overdue to well, at least change the background color :) It's not much, I didn't change the layout or picture. I only had time to change the background look. I had gone to the library and well, they only give ya a half hour on the computer, so I feel rushed. I had to go in with a plan...I had to jot down a list of things that I wanted to get accomplished within my half hour on the internet and yet I still walked away forgetting one last thing that I wanted to do....ugh!! The downside to not having the internet on a computer...oh well, it's not the end of the world...or is it??? ;)
Anyhoo, I really don't have much to say....oh but wait, I said that last time and came out with a long post...ha!!
Adios Amigas!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Family is a blessing!! :)

As you grow older, you realize the importance of family. I truly appreciate my family, as crazy as they are, I sure do love them! :) Now that we have moved about four hours away, spending time with family is cherished even more. This past weekend, we had the privilage of having my parents come up for a visit. I haven't seen my dad since we moved and haven't seen my mom since the beginning of October when she came up to visit with my sister. They were coming up to shower us all with Christmas presents!! :) They also brought their two dogs, which went better than I expected. Friday we had a short morning of school so we, well I, could have the rest of the day to clean the house in preparation of my parents' arrival. The kids were so excited, as was I! Jessica was waiting and watching out the window :)
It was such a fun time as the kids were excited over the gifts they received, so was Jason over his new zipper sweatshirt, and so was I over my new coffee decor for my kitchen and many other things!
That evening was followed by a night of games. We love playing games!
Saturday morning was just a relaxing morning as I made monkey bread for breakfast...my dad use to make it for us growing up, so it was fun making it for them :) Dad had to try my new cappucino flavors. Sheesh, I thought I drank too much coffee...he tops me!! :)
After lunch, we headed to Eau Claire to get a game and have the kids spend Christmas money from their uncle. We had gotten the game Wits and Wagers....fun, fun game!! We came home, had dinner and played games!
Sunday morning came all too quick :( My parents were leaving early due to the fact that dad wanted to get home to watch the Packer game...good thing they won!! :)
We had a fun time with my parents, hate it when good things come to an end...but at least I have up coming visits to look forward to :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Not much to say

I'm really not sure why I am even blogging today. I really don't have much to say. Well, I guess I can sort of recap the last week or so. New Year's Eve, well, yep, the kids out lasted us...at least Jesse and Joshua did as the rest of us fell asleep. Jesse was soo thoughtful to come in and greet us with a HAPPY NEW YEAR alert!! :) New Year's Day just consisted of taking down all our Christmas decorations....OOOOOOO, SOUNDS SOOO MUCH FUN!!! Yes, we are such an exciting family, so please try to contain all your excitement! ;) We had gotten a real tree and so where we used to live you could just toss your tree out by the curb and ''whalla'' it's gone....um, but not here, anyways...it's still sitting on the curb and I don't see anyone else with a tree out. So either we are early scrooges and undecorated first....or, I may be taking a trip to the dump. Jason's suggested we just chuck it out in the middle of the road, then it will get picked up for sure...but seeing that we are the ONLY ones in this entire town with a tree out by the curb, it wouldn't be hard to figure out whose tree it was.
Anyhoo, the next two days we went ice fishing and yep, caught el zippo fish once again. We're going for the new world record...seeing how many times we can go ice fishing and catch nothing! ha! Despite the long day of anticipating that flag to go up or that jig pole to jerk down, I am thankful for the time we spend together as a family...even if Jacob says for the hundredth time, ''I'm waaaaaiting to go home!''
Yesterday was Jason and my 14th wedding anniversary! :) We really didn't do anything. Well, when ya have no money or a sitter, what do ya do? So, I made a nice dinner...chicken parmesean with garlic bread, potatoes, and salad. I made it in the slow cooker so the chicken was nice and tender....mmmm...it was good, but I mainly wanted the approval from Jason, and he said it was really good :)
Well, that pretty much sums up the last week or so. We started school back up yesterday, which was welcomed by moans and groans of complaints from the kids. Today, started up much better as we began with Bible time. We read from Psalms 103:15-18; Ephesians 5:15-21 it talks of how life here on earth is short, how will we use our time here on earth? Will we live for God and do what is pleasing to Him, or will we live our lives foolishly? Not only was this a good lesson for the kids on how to use our time wisely, but it's a good reminder for me as well.
Well so much for having nothing to say today ;)
My parents are coming up this weekend so we can celebrate Christmas with them...we are all super excited!!! That will be another blog.... :)