Friday, April 29, 2011


I've been in a "blah" kind of mood all week! I feel like I can't get out of this "funk". I know we've all been sick, I hadn't exercised for 5 days straight! I have been eating unhealthy and don't even care!! Ugh, Lord help me get out of this blah of a mood...
Why post such a gloomy post? I don't know, maybe so that my friends know what to pray for today :) One good thing about today, the sun is shining!
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend (a really, really long post!)

All week the kids have been excited about getting ready for Easter!! Thursday, we had gone grocery shopping and came home only to have our neighbor, Mrs. Marten, greet the kids with a basket filled with Easter goodies!
Friday morning, the kids and I talked about the heavy burden that Jesus was about to take to the cross for us 2,000 years ago, because He loves us. I took a moment to reflect upon what He was about to do as I listened to the song How Deep The Father's Love. We didn't have school, so before lunch I exercised and then had plans to clean the house after lunch. After lunch I loaded up on coffee so I would have some energy cuz I was tired. I was like the Energizer Bunny!! Lol!! That evening, I had plans to go candy shopping for Jason and the kids for Easter. Jason came home and mentioned that he had to work the next morning and he really didn't want me to do the Easter shopping that night because he wanted to spend time with me and that I could do the shopping in the morning with the kids. I found this to be sweet that he wanted me to stay home and spend time with me, but we spend time together every evening, and I didn't want to shop with the kids (because then it would ruin the fun and they'd see what they were getting) and I didn't want to shop with the crowd plus with kids!! But I happily agreed and planned on shopping in the morning. That evening turned out to be a special evening. As Jason and I were in our room, he was fiddling with his phone and I playfully took it away and then wanted him to hear the song I had listened to that morning. I then shared with him another song that I liked called Speak, O Lord by Keith and Krystin Getty. I was surprised at how he liked them both and he wanted to hear a few more of my favorite songs. That lead to him bringing in my cd player and him getting all his cd's. We then listened to his Carmen cd's!! :) I love how effective his music is and how he brings it to life! I had tears in my eyes for most of the songs and the majority of them were songs of defeat over Satan!! We had the kids come and listen to some of the songs as well and they really liked it! :). I'm glad I stayed home :)
Saturday was going to be a very busy day! I needed to candy shop, boil eggs, give hair cuts, have the kids color eggs, and then make pie crusts for the chocolate pies for Easter! Friday night Jacob had a fever, so it didn't surprise me that he wasn't feeling all the greatest when he woke up Saturday morning. I too wasn't feeling the greatest. I really wanted to "beat the crowds" at the store, so as soon as Jason left for work at 6:30, I got the kids up and movin' and we were out the door by 7:35! We were jammin' to the Carmen cd that the kids insisted that we bring along. The kids were a little bummed that they would see what they were getting, but that all faded as they were excitingly picking out what they wanted! :) Shopping was done and we were headed back home by 10:00 (half hour to get there, 2 hours of meddling, half hour to get back). Seeing that the candy was for the kids and Jason and I really didn't get myself anything (cuz I am trying to watch what I eat) I figured I'd treat myself to a Starbucks :). On our way home Jason calls to tell me that he is on his way home earlier than expected and that I could go do my shopping! I told him that we were on our way home from shopping! Yay! :). We got home and I had the kids arrange their Easter Baskets how they liked. Then I boiled 72 eggs...Jason wanted more, but because not too many like boiled eggs and most was going to go to waste, I had to draw the line! :) He loves watching the kids have fun as they color the eggs! :) After lunch, the kids and I worked on Easter cards for Mrs. Marten. They were so excited to give her their cards! Jacob and I went together planning on not staying long due to the fact that we both weren't feeling the greatest. By this time, my voice was starting to act up and by the time bed came, I had no voice at all! Anyways, after giving Mrs. Marten our cards, she explained to me about the three balloons she gave to the kids. She wanted me to blow them up, tie the ribbon on she gave and then in the morning for Easter, she wanted me to hang the balloons outside from the tree out front. So I happily told her that I would do that for her :)
After we dropped off the cards, I came home and buzzed the boys' hair...they were lookin' pretty shabby! After supper, the kids were waiting anxiously to color eggs! So Jason had gotten all 12 colors ready...we usually get 3 boxes of egg dye so the eggs are nice and bright :) With table covered, the kids happily colored their eggs! Joshua made a flag egg, Jesse made an egg with a cross on it, Jacob just loved dying his eggs, Jessica wrote, "I love dad"...of course they did so much more with each egg :) After all 72 were colored, Jason, Jesse, and Jessica started watching the Ten Commandments while Joshua and Jacob played on the Playstation and while I cleaned up and made pie crusts for the chocolate pies. By this time, I had lost my voice and wasn't feeling the greatest. Anyways, with pies done and kitchen cleaned, I was ready for bed! But Jesse was still in our room, fully intrigued with the Ten Commandments movie! So I figured while he was finishing up watching that, that I would put together a scavenger Easter basket hunt for the kids. I mentioned earlier to Jason that seeing that they all know what they are getting in their baskets, I wanted to do something fun. Finally, with all clues done and the movie over, I went to bed waiting for the kids to fall asleep so I could hide the clues and their baskets. Well, I fell asleep from waiting, and woke up around 1:30am and hid everything!
Easter morning!!! Hallelujah, Jesus has Risen!!! He is Alive!!
Because we were all up so late, it was nice to sleep in :) The kids finally were waking up around 7:30. Jacob was in our bed (as usual) feeling sicker than the day before and I still had no voice. Finally the kids realized that their baskets were gone, but there was a note! At first they weren't all too thrilled about having to find their baskets...they were a little sleepy still and a little crabby...haha! After looking for a few clues, they finally got into the game and were having fun :) They were excited to have finally found their baskets and dig in to their candy. Jacob didn't want any and mentioned that his tummy hurt. His eye was a little red as well. I was trying to brace myself and prepare for the worst. That came all too soon! He came up to me and I picked him up and he gagged and I started running!! But we were too thing, Jacob is in the tub and I am cleaning the floors and everything else with bleach!! I finally showered cuz it had gotten me too.
After that whole ordeal, Jacob was feeling a little better, but now I wasn't...
It was time for the egg hunt! Before we started the egg hunt, I remembered to hang up the balloons outside for Mrs. Marten :) We had the kids go downstairs as Jason and I hid ALL 72 eggs and then a bag full of plastic eggs!! Before we had the kids come upstairs, Jason tied fishing line on to one of the eggs...this trick has worked with all the kids, but Jason wanted to do it again for Jacob :) The kids came running up but we first wanted to do the little egg trick so no one would trip on the line! It was hilarious watching Jacob "catch" the egg!! :) They were OFF!! All eggs accounted for!! Yay!!!
After the egg hunt, Jason read the story of Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection from the Bible. The kids listened intently. The kids were saddened what Jesus had gone through for us, but were thankful for what He had done!
Before lunch we played a game. I suggested charades seeing that I still had no voice, but we played Apples to Apples instead, and I won!! :)
We had a nice ham dinner for lunch and then pretty much relaxed the rest of the day. Jacob's eyes were getting worse and I was feeling sicker, so a relaxing afternoon sounded wonderful!!! Jason was sweet and helped clean up after lunch and even folded laundry! He says to me, "you're super mom, I could never do it!". He kept showering me with compliments all day :) I felt very appreciated! :)
So even though we were all feeling under the weather, we still had a nice Easter weekend!!
Thanks for reading the entirety of this post as long as it was!! :)
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A House Filled with Germs!!!

It seems like forever that we have been stuck in this never ending cycle of sickness in our house! Just as soon as one feels better, it moves to the next person and so on. And then just as soon as we all feel better, you hear that dreadful cough and brace yourself as the cycle begins all over again!!
This last week has been the worst! It started out as colds with coughs and fevers, but then ended with puking, pink eye, and loss of voices!!
It's been crazy, so even though we had a 3 day weekend, we are taking off one more day of school today! I pray that we ALL get better soon!!! Your prayers would be appreciated as well!!
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Easter is a time where you reflect on all that Jesus had gone through just for us because He loves us. So your heart is more sensitive as the days go by as you follow the steps of Jesus leading up to His death and you feel the agony that Jesus must have felt. Just a week before His death, people were praising Him and waving palm branches, then as the week goes on, He is betrayed and then denied. He is then beatened and bruised, mocked and spat upon, and then crucified all for us!! Praise God it didn't end there! He's Alive! and wants to have a personal relationship with us! He wants us to realize our need for Him, to accept, believe, and confess with our mouth that He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords!!
We all know the story and we try and teach it to our children so that one day they will see their need for Him as well. But is it just Easter or Christmas or other religious holidays that we focus on the meaning? I mean, what about the rest of the days of the year? I know I can get real passionate about talking about what Christ had done for us when that time of the year comes, but what about the rest of the year? If I could just express that passion everyday! I try to teach my kids about having others see Jesus in them and then I think, "well, how bout me?". Do my kids see Jesus in me when I yell at them, lose my temper, not show enough compassion, when I yell at the car who just cut me off, when I feel overwhelmed, and the list goes on. Last week I had a heart to heart talk with the boys after they had a huge argument and boxing match. I read to them James 1:19, 20, 22. As I read them, I realized that they were verses for me as well. If you have more than one child, you as a parent tend to express to the eldest child that he/she is the oldest and that their siblings look up to them and for them to be an example to them. Well, our kids look up to us as parents and they see and know more than what you realize. They watch you and then turn around and express themselves the same way you do in certain situations and then you scold them for acting the way they just did, not realizing that that's how you act. Am I setting an example unto my kids? Do they see Jesus in me and not just around the holidays?
I hope I didn't bore ya. I hope I didn't take ya on any rabbit trails. As I began this post, I had something completely different in mind to write. I just felt led to write this instead. I am not perfect, obviously, and fail Him everyday. I can never repay what He had done for me, all I can do is give Him my life and live for Him. I want my husband, kids, and others to see Christ in me, and not just around the holidays!
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ApRiL fOoLs!! All Month Long!!!

He is my character!! He has such a fun personality! He's quick whitted, loves joking around, doesn't get crabby when you joke with him cause he'll give it right back with a smart alick remark...definitely gets it from Jason!!
He still thinks it's April Fools...well, he is somewhat right, it is still April! "Look! Mom, there's an airplane! April Fools!!" "Hunter drank my milk, April Fools!" "I finished my supper, April Fools!" "The movie is over, April Fools!" Yes, everything he does is followed by an "April Fools!"
Well, just a bit ago while I was in the kitchen, he came in and was standing on the other side of the counter from me and was playing with a wind-up egg that the kids just got yesterday in the mail from Jason's parents. Anyways, I was checking Facebook, as usual, and he is standing there talking to me and asks, "Why does it keep following me?" I ask, "What keeps following you?" He says, "The centipede." I was like, "What?? What centipede??" He says, "The one from the bathroom." I was like, "There was a centipede in the bathroom? Where, so I can kill him!" He says, "He's not in the bathroom, he followed me out here and he is by my feet touching me but he is not biting me" This whole conversation was said with a very serious face! So I come around the counter and was like, "Where??!!??" He smiles and says, "April Fools!!"
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Laundry Soap Recipe

As some of you may already know and if you are true stalkers and keep up with me on blog and facebook, you'll know that yesterday I made laundry soap for the first time with Kris. It all started with me stalking Deanna's page and seeing her friends' comment. I soon was emailing Deanna for the recipe! :) Kris had gotten all the ingredients which only cost her $6 (not including the fragrance oil). We didn't use the fragrance oil due to the fact that Kris' family has sensitive skin.
Anyways, since I've made it and made a few posts about it on facebook, I've had people asking how I liked it or if they could get the recipe. Well, it works just like any other laundry soap and it is much cheaper :) My clothes are well, clean! :)
After a suggestion from my friend, Kate, to post the recipe on blog...well, I decided to do it seeing that I've already had to write out the recipe to 4 other people now. Now instead of writing it out again, I can just direct them here ;)

Laundry Soap Recipe:
4 c. Hot tap water
1 Fels-Naptha soap bar
1 c. Arm & Hammer super washing soda
1/2 c. Borax

Grate bar of soap and add to sauce pan with water. Stir continually over medium-low heat till soap dissolves and is melted.
Fill a 5 gallon bucket half full with hot tap water and add melted soap, washing soda, and Borax. Stir until powder is dissolved.
Fill bucket to top with more hot tap water and stir. Let cool slightly and add your favorite fragrance oil scent (found by the candles and potporri). Use half a bottle of the oil.
Pour laundry soap into containers. The laundry soap will gel, so shake before each use. Use 1/4 cup for top load washers and 1/8 cup for front load washers.
See...stalking pays off ;)
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Yay for Play Dough!!!

What kid DOESN'T like play dough??!!?? :) Today I was bored and wanted something fun to do with the kids. So seeing that I know their play dough is as hard as rocks, I thought it would be fun to make play dough. I've never made it before and thought I'd give it a try. Well after having to run to the store cuz I was a weeee short of salt...that's ok, I picked up stuff to make chocolate chip cookies and had to pick up more Mint Chocolate Chip at least my trip wasn't a waste. (Trip...down the block to the store...whew that was far! Ha!). Anyhoo, so I got back and Jacob and Jessica helped make the play dough and helped pick out colors and mix the colors in. We made blue, red, green, and orange. If I wasn't low on cream of tartar, I'd make more.
The idea was a success, as they are both having fun playing with the new play dough!

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Friday, April 15, 2011

What on Earth?? Noodles??

Today Kris and I made noodles!!! Ooops, I mean...laundry soap!!! :) After we grated the bar of soap it looked like noodles :) Well, we DID make noodles too...mac n cheese for lunch.
After I had gotten home, I was excited to give the laundry soap a try and did a "test" wash on Jason's work clothes! Haha! I mean...I hope it works! Lol! If I like it, I may be making my laundry soap from now on :)
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Ya Got to Give Some to Get Some!!

Now I remember!!! UGH!!! Billy, you worked me hard today!! WORK IT, WORK IT, PUNCH, WORK IT, WORK IT, TWIST!!! Thanks for your people all showin' me up!! Yeah, I've got a ways to go! Thanks for your little pep talk in the end: "Ya got to give some to get some!!" Blah blah blah!!
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bring it on, Billy!!

My Billy Boy
Blanks came today!!! Finally, together we are gonna work those abs!! Unfortunately, I only have a week with him :( So it's crunch time baby!! I just found out from Kris that she has some of his tapes for me to borrow. YAY!!
So, let's WORK IT!! Hehehe!!
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Going Amish?? Or Just Experimenting?

In een paar dagen, zal ik leren hoe wasserij zeep maken!! Aka: In a few days, I will learn how to make laundry soap!!
Yesterday as I was stalking Deanna's facebook page, I came across a comment her friend made on her page. Of course I was, um, I read the comments. They made laundry soap!! How fun!! So I asked Deanna for the recipe and talked my friend, Kris, into helping make the soap! Seeing that we both live in, near, or around the Amish community and see them on a regular basis, Kris made the comment that her and I would pretend to be Amish! Ha! Deanna mentioned to remember to wear bonnets and long skirts and speak in Dutch when making the soap! Kris is making bonnets as we speak...ha, just kidding! If you've ever walked past an Amish person in the store or anywhere, you'd soon realize the unpleasant aromas that fill the air. So I told Kris that to get the full effect while making our soap, I'd rub the bonnets on Jason's work pants...if ya know what he does, you'll get that one. Kris then reminded me to not put deoderant on for a few days and to take my tires off the car and as we come down her driveway Jesse can yell out the window "clippity clop, clippity clop"...oh my goodness, I was dying of laughter!!!
Ok, I am not trying to be mean...but they really go about doing things rather strangely!
Anyways, Kris had gotten all that we need, I just need to pick out a scent for my soap. I am really excited to try it out. Jason looked a bit leary when I told him...and asked, "Why?". I said, "for fun and it sounded interesting!". So, I will have to let ya all know how it turned out! :)
Heb mijn paard dat doen? Hahahah!! If ya go for a walk, ya see piles every now and then...lovely!
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

78 Today!!!!

The ice is now ALL melted at the park on the lake!! It's funny to think that just 3 days ago, there was an old man who decided to walk out on the ice with his ice auger and go ice fishing!!
There is a severe thunderstorm that is coming later tonight with possible tornado we figured that we better get out and enjoy the day before the storm hits. The kids have been outside all day! They've been having fun riding their bikes or playing with the sidewalk chalk. It started out in the 50's this morning and gradually kept rising to where it is now 78 out! Soo we are again at the park, the kids have already played at the playground and were complaining of being hot. So I decided to head over to where the bridge is and let them play :). So they are splashing in the water along the edge of the lake, digging in the mud finding worms, skipping rocks, finding big sticks to make their splash bigger that can get them wetter...just havin' plain ol' fun! :). Bath time is definitely needed tonight!
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One on One Time

Jason was bored today and I could tell that he was bored when he decided to pull out his grinder and sharpen his chisels!
As he began to sharpen one, Joshua was watching intently and was in amazement as he watched Jason. So Jason asked him if he'd like to try it. His eyes widened and was like, "Sure!". So I found some old safety glasses. I was a little nervous and wanted him to stand on a chair so he wouldn't get sparks in his eyes, Jason was like, "he's fine" :) So Jason showed Joshua what to do and he did a good job! :) Joshua really enjoyed helping! Jason says to him, "I think I'll teach you how to change the oil in the car next!" Joshua was excited and says, "Yeah! Let's do it now!" That will be for another day :)
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Friday, April 8, 2011

School? What school?'s that time of the year where ya just wanna be done with school!! Unfortunately, we are behind and will most likely go into the summer. It's been gorgeous outside and after being couped up all winter, ya just wanna get OUT!! So, we have been :). This morning we did spelling tests and then after lunch went to the park again. Yesterday we found a path and decided to explore it today, but it led nowhere really. So the kids played down where the water flows out of the dam. Of course they had to throw rocks in the water and, "oops, Mom, I got wet" lol! Jesse found a lure and a bobber on the other side of the bridge, Jessica found a worm, and Joshua thought it was fun making a huge splash when he threw a huge rock over the bridge.
Another beautiful day! The weekend is saying upper 60's and upper 70's!!
Get out and enjoy the day!!!
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I enjoy bedtime. Not only because I finally get peace and quiet, but because I get to have that moment of one on one time with each kid.
It begins at 8:00pm...time for bed! Well, for the younger three...Jesse's is at 9. It's the typical, "get your pajamas on, brush your teeth, and say 'Goodnight to dad'". That seems easy, right? No! It's more like, "didn't I tell you to get your pajamas on? hurry up and brush your teeth! Stop playing in the water. How much toothpaste do you need on your toothbrush? Why is the mirror dripping wet? Did you say goodnight to dad? Make sure you go to the bathroom. Stop fighting in the bathroom! Just brush your teeth! Gross, go back and wash your hands, we always wash our hands after we go potty, Jacob! Who got the counter all wet and full of toothpaste? And why is there a glob of toothpaste on the hand towel? Ugh! Who used my shower towel to wipe their mouth?"
They finally get into their beds when ya hear this, "I'm thirsty! I forgot to go potty! I didn't say goodnight to dad! Can we have tickles? My foot hurts. My tummy hurts. Can we hear a story? Can you sing us songs? He got more tickles than me? Haha, I got more tickles! Roar! Ahhhh!! I don't want the bear to get me, can I sleep with you?". "Joshua, stop scaring Jacob," I say. "Get in your beds, maybe little tickles, no more drinks, there's no bears, maybe a story tomorrow it's already late."
I finally spend that one on one time with them. I ask Jessica what her favorite part of the day was, or she shares with me her thoughts and fears. I pray with her so she won't have a scary dream. We talk a bit more, I give hugs and kisses and walk out remembering NOT to close the door. I head downstairs to the boys. Jacob has to "wha wha" my nose, pull my ears out so I look silly, squeeze my nose and have me talk cuz it makes me talk silly. Then we talk about random stuff, like playing on the Wii first tomorrow, do bears come in the house, he likes when Jesse is in the room, when can he stay up like Jesse, when will his teeth fall out, "you're 100, Mom". After a few tickles, hugs, and kisses, I move on to Joshua. Of course he too wants tickles too. We talk a bit about the day, he likes to bring up issues that happened earlier in the day in which someone caused trouble. I help him to remember that it's over and done we don't need to keep talking about it. After giving hugs and kisses, I walk out and remember to CLOSE the door so the bears don't get in. Then I go out and talk with Jesse about the day. We talk about school and working hard to get done so he has time to play, tell him how Jacob looks up to him, remind him to be kind and much more. I give him a few tickles and give him a hug and kiss goodnight and remind him to go to bed at 9...which is followed by a, "I know, Mom."
Each one has such a unique personality for which I'm thankful for. I am thankful for those one on one moments whether it be fun or serious. Sometimes we get in a heart to heart talk and other times it's just silliness. I try to make sure I point out the good things that they had done in the day and compliment them and it brings a smile to their face.
They grow up so fast! And pretty soon I won't have that bedtime one on for now, I'll cherish the time I do have :)
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Out and About

This morning we headed out the door by 8:00am to take Jessica to the dentist to get a crown on her tooth. She did extremely well and I was proud of her for being so brave!! Joshua was pouting cause he wanted a shiny tooth as well. And pouting because she got a mini yo-yo and a mini spinning top. He was pouting cause when he goes to the dentist in a few weeks, all he'll get is a sticker because we are going to the one in town, not in Eau Claire like Jessica. One of the few disappointments in life....goodness! :)
After the dentists we did some grocery shopping. I was trying to hurry at Aldi cause I knew the numbness would wear off soon and Aldi didn't have children Tylenol. We then ate lunchables in the car and then headed to Walmart to finish up getting the things that Aldi didn't have. Finally we had gotten some Tylenol to help ease the pain and finished up shopping and stopped to gaze at all the toys that we weren't getting.
We then headed to the bank and then finally headed home and was back by 2:15pm. LONG day!!! We skipped school seeing that I knew we'd be out for a while. So after the groceries were put away, we headed to the park and are still here, but leaving soon! Of course we couldn't leave without loading up the wagon with weapons, not one or two, but SEVERAL!!! They had enough to fight off the whole neighbor hood of kids!! As I predicted, cause I'm always right, the weapons pretty much stayed in the wagon and only three were played with...oh well, they had fun.
We are now over by the army tank or the memorial site near the park and the kids already climbed around on top of the tank, had a light saber fight, and are now collecting snail shells high up in the tree line far away from the lake. The lake is right across the street...there must have been some high flooding!
Well I suppose we should head home and make supper. The kids will most likely play outside some's sooo nice out!!!
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

At the Park

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ALWAYS Exercise While CaFfEiNaTtEd!!!!

I knew something was missing!! I have not had coffee for the last FOUR days!!! Monday and Tuesday I had no energy to exercise, but I still did but quit over halfway through cuz I lost the energy to finish. I still put in 30 min. just not my regular 40.
This morning is when I realized that it had been 4 days already since I had coffee and it was sounding good. So I made my peppermint stick coffee with my peppermint mocha creamer....mmmmmm!!!! After having no coffee for FOUR days, I had to refrain from guzzling down my two cups!!!! It was OH SO GOOD!!!!
After putting school lessons together while drinking my energy drink...I mean coffee (well, same thing, I guess) was time to exercise...YAY!!!! Bring it on!!! I did the whole 40 minutes!!!! with no problamo!!! I feel great and sweaty now :). Still trying to forget the fact that I have yet to lose a pound! So guess my goal is a flop, but I am not giving up...even if it takes months before I come close to reaching that goal!
Anyhoo, guess that's it. I have nothing else to say, except that it has been nice outside and I had the fun job of cleaning the winter doo doo yesterday...yucko! The joys of owning a dog...
The kids have been enjoying the weather too and have been outside digging in the playing on the neighbor's swing set and having gun battles.
Today, we "may" walk to the park. I know, I'm just dying for a muddy mess!! It's so exciting to think of all the dirty clothes I get to wash!!!
This weekend, Jason and I are going to clean the garage so we can bring the kid's bikes down and have a place the put them. They are anxious to ride bikes.
Ok, so I guess I had more to say, but now my extra info doesn't match up with my title to this post. Oh well :)
So in closing: "Always exercise while caffeinated!!!". Lol!!!
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Monday, April 4, 2011

Two Days Sure Makes a Difference!!

First off...I have lost NOTHING!!! Deanna lost 22 lbs. in 8 weeks!!! Whatever....
I have been exercising faithfully for a month and a half now, and in those 8 weeks I had only exercised for four days the first week. After that, I had been exercising for six days due to the fact that Jason had been working Saturdays. Saturday he didn't go in and I got lazy and didn't exercise. I am sure feeling it today!! Blah!
I am going to add another workout as soon as Billy Boy Banks gets here. Goodness, he's very popular as I am now at #2 on the waiting list. Our time will be short so I'll make all 6 days meaningful!! I need to lose that doughy belly!!! Blah, again! I know, I know...situps ya say, or my Wii fit or my Jillian on Wii (Jill scares me)...maybe I just want something different. I worked out to Billy Banks a few years ago and it really worked my abs, so we'll see. I guess toning is better than nothing...of course I'd like to see the weight drop too, but at least my legs have slimmed down :). Guess it takes time...that or I should change my food too...nah, let's not get too extreme!!
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Friday, April 1, 2011

If You Happen to Hear a "Knock"....

This is what I said to the kids, "If you happen to hear a knock on the oven door, whatever you do, DO NOT open the door!!!". Jacob in a quiet voice asks, "Why??" I said, "Because the Gingerbread Man may run out!!!".
Yep, we're makin' gingerbread cookies :). So of course, after I put in the first batch, the kids had to open the door!! Jessica says, "Mom, I hear a knock on the door!". "Don't open it!" I said ;). Of course she did and I tickled her. Jacob had to do it too :)
Well our Gingerbread men and women are blind and mute cause we didn't have currents or raisins for eyes or a mouth or buttons. And I was lazy, so it just got a green sugar coat :)

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Random Odds and Ends

Wednesday we had a science experiment which involved a glass jug, a rolled up paper, a hard boiled egg (peeled), and a match!! I don't know, it was something having to do with our atmosphere....but it was soooo COOL!!! Ya lit the paper on fire and stuck it in the jug and then ya put the egg on thing ya know the egg is being SUCKED down into the jar!!!!! AWESOME!!
Yesterday was a boring day. I had ranch dressing cravings, so I made an egg and dumped a load of dressing on top. YUM!!!! In the afternoon, I played Super Mario Brothers on the Wii with Jacob and Jessica. Jason came home and joined in. Later in the evening, I gave piggy back rides to two of my little piggies. :)
Today, well as you saw in my previous snowed!! See, God likes to play jokes too... ;)
I am not creative and didn't come up with anything humorous for April Fools for my kids and just gave them!! They on the other hand have been trying to be humorous. I think they have my lack of creativeness...haha!
We...are...on...our...100th LESSON!!!! Whoo Hoo!!! Only 69 more to go, which means...we are SOOO doubling up on lessons, cuz there is NO way we are going to have school ALL throughout the summer!!!
I did a power walk...alone (shhhhhhh) the Town Hall to get our garbage bags so I can go to the dump tomorrow. After calling garbage services, um yeah, think we'll be having the garbage get picked up...much cheaper.
Then danced with Jessica and Jacob to some toddler tunes and did some "swing" dancin' to the song Rock Around the Clock!! That was FUN!! Jacob and Jessica were lovin' that :) Then had a gun battle with Jesse.
Tomorrow will be a morning of going to the dump and then cleaning the, but it must be bad when even Jason has to make mention of the dust collection on the end table...and he never says anything!!! Hahaha!! I need Steph's sister, Becky, isn't she like a cleaning fanatic??? She'd gasp if she saw how not clean my house is! Lol! Oh, and I need her organization skills too...
Anyhoo, that sums up my odds and ends post.
Oh, ps...only 5 more days until the stalking begins look out world!!!!
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Hahaha!! April Fools to Us!!

Don't ya just love that God, too, has a sense of humor?? ;)
ps...this is a picture from this morning, not the same picture a few weeks ago :)
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