Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Birthday/Memorial Day Weekend!

What a busy filled weekend!! But it was sure fun and sadly went by waaay too fast as most things do when ya have fun. :)
Friday was Jason's 37th birthday...old man!! He had a paid day off for his birthday! So he went fishing :) I had wanted to go with, but my parents were coming the next day, so I decided to stay home and finish up cleaning. He ended up taking his other fishing/hunting buddy...Jessica :) They both did well but not enough to really bring home, but at least it was a better fishing than usual.
Saturday morning, Jason went fishing again, but this time himself. The kids anxiously awaited the arrival of my parents as they waited for them at the corner of the road watching for their car :) They finally arrived after lunch!! My mom was up for rummaging, so the kids and I went with my mom as my dad stayed home to watch the Brewers. After we came home, my mom was interested in looking around our small little town, so we decided to take the kids for a walk in town and then head over to the park. Well, not realizing that pretty much EVERY thing closes by 3, there wasn't much to see, sooo we headed to the park and let the kids play. Later that evening, Jason came home all excited about his fish turnout! He caught a ton of Walley but could only keep 6. So he had 6 Walley and one nice Perch!
We ended up having a nice ham dinner seeing that I had put it in the oven before I knew of his fish turnout.
Sunday we just kinda relaxed. My mom and I walked to the store to get a few things for our fish fry for lunch and a dessert for our cookout at Mike and Kris'. Mmmmmm...the fish was excellent!! After lunch we made the dessert and then just relaxed by sitting outside in the nice cool breeze.
Later that afternoon, we headed over to the Schlagel's. Mike's parents were in town as well, so it was nice to see Pastor and Bonnie and visit with them. We visited, had dinner, and then played Swap. That was fun! With more people it's more fun! :)
Monday morning came too soon, as my parents had to leave. With tearful goodbyes from the kids, my parents were off. The tears didn't last long as they heard the school band walk past our house as they headed toward the starting area for the Memorial Day parade. Now, I warned the kids and told them that Mondovi isn't like Burlington to where Burlington has a two hour parade and throws lots of candy. This parade was going to be short. I was warned by the librarian that it would take us longer to walk down to see the parade than how long the parade would be. So we walk down to the main street and wait for the parade. The kids were all excited as they could begin to hear the band. First the armed services...as we stood and clapped as they walked by, tears filled my eyes...always does when I see them in the parade and how everyone respectfully stands and applauds our men and women who have fought or are fighting so bravely for our country. The sacrifices they make for me so that I can have freedom. I feel truly blessed to be an American!! Next, was the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts and then the school band, an ambulance and a police car...the end! We started walking to the park, as did everyone else, to hear the Memorial service at the Memorial site. Prayer was given, speeches were given, poems were said, the band had played the national anthem, we all sang, the flag was raised, guns were saluted, the bugle was played...what a neat ceremony!! The ceremony lasted for about a half hour...longer than the two minute parade ;)
We then came home and got ready to go fishing! Boat and canoe in tow, we headed out to the Mississippi River again. I lathered up the kids in sun screen this time, but forgot about myself...oops! After an hour of nothing but snagged lines, tangled lines, broken lines, two guys who anchored just a few feet from us, we decided that we were done!! Jason and I realize, that it's impossible!! We just need a bigger boat, but that won't be happening any time soon! After we had loaded the boat back up on the trailer, we let the kids jump off the pier and swim for a few minutes. It was 87 out! They thought it was the best ever! We then came home and just enjoyed the evening :)
It was a great weekend!
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Monday, May 30, 2011

Stinky Boy #2

Yep, I have another stink bomb boy! Lol! The other day I told Joshua, "Peeewww, it's YOU that stinks! It's time you wear deodorant!!" He was THRILLED, needless to say. He says, "I've been waiting to wear deodorant!"
So today he has put it on THREE times! Well, it was hot out today ;)
Tonight as we readied for bed he asks, "Mom, do I have to put deodorant on my leg pits?" Whaaaat?? "You know, right here behind your legs" Um, no, that's just the back of your leg you goof! "Well, Jesse said that's what they're called" You knuckle heads, there is no such thing as leg pits, now go to bed! :)
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Update on David

David was found tonight. He has been in the arms of Jesus since Tuesday night. Please lift the family up in prayer as they grieve and mourn his loss and yet rejoice of his home coming.
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Praying for the Boyd Family

My heart is heavy as I continue to pray for the search of David. In the picture, he is the one standing next to his dad. For those who don't know, David was swept away in the Buffalo River in Arkansas Tuesday night. The search and rescue team have been endlessly searching since Tuesday.
The youngest brother, Josh, is a Marine and finally had arrived today. He has been trying all week to get home! He and his brother Jon were given permission to search by boat this morning.
The out pour in love and prayer and support has been amazing!! Their faith is strong!! God is keeping them strong!!
Isaiah 43:2
For those of you who already knew, please continue to pray!!
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Walking Around with the Big "L"

So it's been 3 months now since I made my exercising goal, and have I reached it? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha....little bit more...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...one second...hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Eh, 'em...um, NO! Let's just say that I gave up 3 weeks ago! Mistake again. Even though I had not shed a pound, I did slim down in my legs and waist just a bit. But seeing that I quit, cuz I am a quitter, the results of my 10 weeks is no longer visible. It's crazy how fast it all comes back when it took soooo long to work off. Ugh!! Oh well, I guess I wasn't cut out to have that slim, fit, beach body! Lol!! So I'll walk around with the big L on my forehead for just a bit. Maybe I'll give it a tenth try in two weeks once we are done with school...that's a maybe! ;)
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Failed to Mention...

I was short on that last post because I was uploading so many pictures that I didn't want my phone to overload and explode! :) I failed to mention some things :)
The kids had fun recognizing the places where we had gone ice fishing this winter. We had also seen a few muskrats swimming along the shoreline. Joshua had seen a snake, but we were too far to get a good look at it. On our way back we had seen an eagle perched high up in a tree. There are so many of them up here, it's amazing! I can never tire of seeing an eagle! I tried to take a picture, but we weren't close enough and my phone didn't have good zoom focus. I was trying to take a picture before we got too close and scared it away :)
Then as we were loading up the boat, the kids were standing on the pier and Joshua spotted another snake! I am not sure what kind this was. We had been thinking about camping one of these days for a weekend on one of the islands, but Jason's like, "forget camping if there's going to be snakes!" :) DITTO!!
Anyways, it was a fun first fishing adventure of the water season! :)
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Adventures in Fishing!

Yesterday we all went fishing! Canoe in tow! Jason drove the boat with two kids while pulling me and the other two kids. We just can't all fit and fish in one boat, so this was our only option...and it worked :)
It was quite windy out, but nice and sunny! Jason was the first to catch a small Perch. Then Jessica caught, I think a Walley or Pike, but her line broke before I could help her get it into the boat. Jason caught another fish later that day but his line broke too.
I eventually gave up fishing, due to the fact that I could barely get my cast out when I'd hear, "My line is tangled" or "My line is stuck" or "My line just broke" or "I need another worm". Or because it was so windy, I was constantly paddling the canoe from hitting into the boat. We still had fun and we all got sun burnt, but we most definitely need to go on a less windy day! :)
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Friday, May 13, 2011

Late Night Adventure

For the last few days we have been getting rain. So yesterday, Jason says, "We should go catch some night crawlers for when we go fishing this weekend". We haven't done that in years and it sounded fun!! Have ya gone night crawler hunting before??? Ya gotta be quick and quiet cause those worms are fast!!
It was bed time for the kids and Jason and I just finished watching one of our favorite shows, The Mentalist, and we could still hear the kids talking, so we knew they'd want to come with us. Seeing that we WANTED worms, we told the kids no and maybe next time.
So Jason got a flashlight and I got an ice cream bucket and off we went! After scaring a bunch away with our bright flash light, Jason went in search of a dimmer light. Once that was taken care of, off we went, first to the garden, then along the driveway, and then along the side of the garage. It's AMAZING how many worms ya saw and how quickly they go back in their hole. If you've never gone night crawler hunting, a few things ya gotta know in order to catch them. 1) A good time to go night crawler hunting, is after a good rain. 2) Be vewy, vewy quiet. 3) Walk quietly...they can feel the vibrations of your footsteps and will quickly disappear before your very own eyes! 4) Ya don't want a very bright flash light or that too will scare them back into their hole. 5) When you see one, look to see if they are either out all the way of their hole or still half in. If they are out all the way, that one is an easy catch. If one is still half way in the hole, ya wanna grab them right by the hole and slowly pull them out. 6) Once you have hold of one that is partially in a hole, slowly pull them out, otherwise you'll break them in half. Be careful, they can pull hard too and slip out of your fingers and quickly go back into their hole! :)
Now that you know how to catch a night crawler, let me finish my story! Anyhoo, earlier I had told Jason to tie his boots so I wouldn't step on his laces...I warned him...oh well. So after a few, "You're on my laces, again," we caught 63 night crawlers! We could have gotten more because they were EVERYWHERE!! It's like a whole different world at night!! Lol! Well, it is also mating season so we had broken a lot of "unions"...ha! Jason put some dirt in the bucket and then we had shown the kids the worms. They were excited about all the worms and even more excited to go fishing this weekend :) That will be another adventure in itself as we will be taking the boat and pulling the canoe seeing that we all can't fit in the boat...that will be an interesting blog post...so stay tuned!!

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

"She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.
She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.
Her children arise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.
Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised."
Proverbs 31:26-28, 30
It was such a beautiful Mother's Day! I love the sunshine and the feel of the warmth it brings!
The morning began with Jason having Jesse and Joshua make me pancakes for the first time :) It was a trial and error process, but in the end, they both succeeded and it was very good :)
On Saturday after work, Jason had picked up his boat that we were storing over at our friend's house, so Sunday, we had cleaned out the boat in preparation of a possible fishing outing next Saturday :) Jacob and Jessica helped vacuum out the boat while Jason worked on fixing things that needed to be fixed. We took a break and I had made hamburgers on the grill for lunch...mmmm...can never tire of grilled food! :) After lunch we finished up with the boat and then hung the canoe up in the garage. Jason then worked on getting the lawn mower and weed eater ready for the first cut of the year! Yay!! I love the smell of fresh cut grass! :) I then thought I would pretend to be a gardener and started weeding our somewhat of a flower garden or something like that. But I couldn't stop there. My hidden gardening instincts were taking over as I began whacking off dead branches to the hideous bush that are beyond hope of survival! Then I was "pruning" another sad looking bush that may have hope. Then I thought I would look for the black liner thingy that outlined what looked to be a flower garden. Only a small part was sticking up out of the ground near the house. I finally shoveled it all out and raised it up so it wasn't buried anymore! Next, I needed to cultivate, because half of the "garden" was overrun by grass and weeds. So after a hour of fiddling with the "garden" and a blister later...I now have something of a something out there. There are some sort of plant trying to grow that I managed not to kill during the cultivating process. Saturday, I had picked out a hanging plant of Petunias. I thought about planting them, but I kind of would like something to plant that comes back yearly.
After the gardening instinct wore off, we went into the house and I made sub sandwiches and then we played some family games with the kids and then relaxed the rest of the evening.
It was a very nice Mother's Day! :)
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Friday, May 6, 2011

Our Sovereign God

Today was another reminder of how precious life is. How quickly it can be taken away. I am praising Jesus for His grace and mercy and love and protection in sparing the life of my best friend's little boy!! Thank you, God!!
This morning a friend emailed me to inform me that my friend's little boy was run over by a school bus...the bus that she was driving. I was first in shock, and then my heart sank, but then I began to pray! As the day went on and more details was given, I see how God had protected him! Before he was taken into surgery, he tried to reassure his mom that it wasn't her fault.
Please pray for my friend's son, my friend, and all the kids who witnessed the traumatic event. Again, thank you, Jesus!!
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Such a Big Boy!!!

I was going to blog about this tomorrow, but couldn't wait :) I am so very proud of Jacob! He did very well at the dentist! No tears, nothing! He did so much better than me, I was nervous for him and so was Jesse :) He came out all in smiles and kept saying how he didn't even cry! We go back again for the last time for a while, in two weeks to get Jacob's other cavity taken care of.
As for the other two boys, no problemo! :) They both did well!
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The Little House on the Prairie

The Hallmark channel has been playing all the rerun episodes of The Little House on the Prairie, so Jason had programmed the tv to record the episodes. When we started watching, it was the older episodes...we like the episodes when they are younger :) Jessica has taken interest and just loves watching them with us in the evening. Last night they finally aired the first original episode that was two hours long, but for some reason our tv wasn't recording it! So we missed the first half hour before Jason set it to record. I love that show! Jason keeps saying, "If only I was born a hundred years earlier" :) Me, I like the setting and the wilderness and the close knit community and such....buuuut, I need my microwave, dishwasher, washer and dryer, refrigerator, oven, stove...guess we're just too spoiled now days :)
It's been a nice bonding time with Jessica. Jason likes to tease the "dickens" out of her...and even though she refuses to admit that she likes it, I know she does ;)
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Feeling Better and Final Dentist Appointment...maybe!

We are all finally starting to feel better! I am also thankful to know that we didn't get our neighbor sick! I was nervous when we had gone over the day before Easter and then later that evening Jacob was running a fever! So when her son came over Saturday to inform us that she wanted us to know that she'd be gone for the weekend, I had asked if she was ok and wasn't sick. Thankfully, he said, "No".
Last week Joshua had gone to the dentist to get the rest of his baby molar tooth pulled. Apparently, when his tooth fell out, it never fell out all the way. To hear him cry in pain when they had to give him a third shot, but this time on the roof of his mouth, was unbearable to hear! My heart felt like it was being torn! No mother wants to hear their child in pain...he just better NEVER break a bone!! I think I will die!! :)
Today, if all goes well, is the last day that the kids go in for awhile. Jessica is done, so it's just the boys. Jesse and Joshua are just getting sealants put on, and then my most feared...Jacob gets his two cavities filled. I am going to die! I most definitely can NOT be in that room with him in fear that I may punch the dentist when he starts to cry in pain!! Hopefully he does better than me!! I'll share the results tomorrow :)

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