Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This and That and Then Some More :)

It's been busy as usual. Last week, I started my series of dentists appointments in order to get all (I won't mention how many) cavities filled. Today was round 2.
Last week consisted of the usual, grocery shopping, dentist appointment, kids playing in their little pool, the kids playing with the neighbor girls, etc... Last Friday we had the opportunity to go strawberry picking! I love strawberry picking. Sadly, because of all the rain that we had gotten last week, the strawberries were a little "water-logged". They were still good and I was able to get 9 quart bags full of crushed strawberries for making jam throughout the year. We then headed over to my friend, Kris' house to feed their chickens while they were gone and pick more strawberries from their garden, which tasted sooo much better!
If you read my Facebook statuses, you'll know how much I LOVE our 83yr old neighbor!! She has been such a blessing to our family and mostly to me! She is always thinking of us when different events are coming up, or sales in the paper for groceries, or fattening us up with goodies :) Mrs. Marten came over, as usual, two weeks ago and let me know of an upcoming free kids fishing contest here in town. The kids were all excited to go, but were bummed that daddy would have to work. Much to their surprise, Jason took off so that he could come with! They were excited that he was able to come! So Saturday morning we walked to the park by the lake and registered the kids. It was only for an hour, which is plenty of time before it loses the interests of many kids :) Sadly, the kids caught nothing, but still had their names drawn and had gotten prizes. Jesse picked out a compass with a whistle, thermometer, and magnifying glass. Joshua had gotten binoculars, and Jacob and Jessica had both picked out Aqua Sand (I can hear the makers of Aqua Sand laughing! What a mess!). Then they had gotten a cookie and choice of white or chocolate milk. As we walked home, I knew Mrs. Marten would be waiting to hear all about it, and sure enough, there she was with a big smile waiting to see how it went :) She's too cute :)
Saturday evening, we surprised the kids by taking them to see Cars 2! Cute movie :) There was an intense scene where Lightning McQueen was about to get blown up by a laser beam, Jacob covered his eyes (peeking) until he saw that McQueen was gonna be ok :) They can't wait until it comes out on dvd.
Sunday, we took the kids fishing on a new river. The Chippewa River proved to be a fun place to fish for the kids! They were actually catching fish and had lots of fun :) As for me, I came home with scorched legs...ouch!
As for this week, it's filled with getting ready for next weeks rummage sale, well, up here they call it a thrift sale. I thought we downsized when we moved! Sheesh, still have waaay too much stuff!
Then, again, Mrs. Marten came over and gave me a paper that had a list of activities for the fourth of July weekend :) And then, two weeks from now, I'll be meeting my sister half way to pick up my nephew and niece to stay with us for a little over a week! The kids are super excited to have their cousins here :)
So as usual, life is busy! Never a dull moment! And if there is, it only lasts for a few minutes :)
There's my update for now. Adios!
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Coconut

Finally, after months of begging and pleading, I bought the kids their first coconut to try. Why? "Because we ALWAYS wanted to try one!"
So, this morning I had pulled out the drill and cleaned the drill bit. A friend mentioned that she used a hammer and screwdriver, um yeah, I tried that but it wouldn't go through. So, I drilled two holes and poured the milk into a cup. All four kids got out their straws to "give it a try". It was funny watching their facial expressions as each one tried it. Joshua made sure he wore his Hawaiian shirt in honor of trying his first coconut! Lol! Surprisingly, Jesse was the only one who said he liked it...but the rest still remains in a cup on the counter...ha! Jessica liked eating it.
So, it's another "first" to add to their list of "firsts" :)
I showed the kids how to make horse galloping sounds...lol! But, it works better when all the coconut is taken out :)
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Careful Watch

Last week, my kids had found this baby Robin. It was so cute! They all had to hold it and touch it and coddle it and hope and pray that mom would let them keep it and nurture it and call it their very own!
As I watched the kids man handle this poor baby bird, I knew the mommy bird was close by. She was chirping and flying near by us, perching on the nearest branch or clothes line. You could tell she was nervous and just wanted us to leave her baby alone. She wanted to protect it and make sure it was safe. So after some pictures and a little more holding it and the disappointment of not being able to keep it, I finally made them put the baby robin down. It hopped off back to where they found it.
I was quickly reminded of my kids and how I, like the mommy robin, am protective of my kids. I sometimes can be overly protective only because I love them and want them to be safe. I want to protect them from the harms of this world. I am also reminded of Jesus, how He is the same way for us. He loves us and wants us to be safe in His arms.
I am trying to let my kids spread their wings and fly and try to figure out who they are and what they mean to Jesus. I am still like that mommy bird flying around trying to keep an watchful eye on my babies. Like the baby robin who finally flew from the nest to venture out, I too need to let my kids venture out and pray that God will protect them under His wings.
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A Quick Run Down

Jesse is growing up so fast. He is quickly realizing who to trust and call "a friend". The neighbor girl took Jesse's bike without asking and he had gotten upset and demanded that she put it back. She never did until I made her. He then went back and apologized for getting so upset with her, but she wouldn't forgive him and started calling him names. Last night, Jason read to him Matthew 18:23-35. We had such a good talk with him. I am excited to see what God has in store for Jesse.
Joshua too, is growing up fast. Last week, I was soo proud of him for choosing to do right. The same girl who took Jesse's bike, had tried to kiss Joshua secretly out of my sight. He told her, "No, my mom says that we can't kiss until I get married." I am thankful that my kids are heeding to our instruction and choosing which is pleasing unto God.
Jessica is my shy little girl who desperately wants a friend. Sadly, the girl she trusted to be her friend, stole her money a few weeks ago. Yes, the same girl. Jessica was devastated. She has such a tender and compassionate heart. She is too quick to trust others and Jason and I are working on that with all the kids these days. She had tears in her eyes as this girl told Jessica that she didn't have all but crumbs and empty boxes in her house for food. I told Jessica that this girl is a liar! I am so thankful for these two other little girls whom Jessica has befriended. They are sweet little girls and I don't have knots in my stomach when they play together. She loves playing with them!
Jacob has a lot of energy! :) I realize how I have been letting things slide with him (he's the baby) and have been trying to correct it. He is happy as long as he is where everyone else is. One moment he doesn't want to go fishing, the next moment he does. He is my willing helper and will let you know how much of a help he is to you :) He is our comedian and loves joking around.
Jason is learning to be content. He is such a hard worker and I am truly blessed to have him. He has been working long hours these days, but I am happy to see him come home not so stressed. He enjoys spending time with us by taking us fishing. Even though fishing trips can be hectic, he enjoys having the kids learn how to fish.
As for me, my heart has been heavy with those two neighbor girls, Shianne and Serenity. As much trouble as Shianne has done, my heart just goes out to them. I see their need for Jesus and my heart has compassion on them. They are hungry for the truth. I have been praying that God will use our family as a blessing to these girls and most of all that they see their need for a Savior.
Mrs. Marten, our neighbor, has been such a blessing to our family. She is 83 years old and just loves to shower the kids with sweets! :) She truly enjoys the kids and spending time with them. The other day, as usual, she had Jessica and Jacob help her clean the bird bath out and refill it with clean water. I love how patient she is with each one, and I love how much my kids love her. She has been an encouragement to me as a mom.
So, my post wasn't quick, but I hope you enjoyed reading it :)
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Sunday, June 12, 2011


I have made several attempts at this post as in what to say. Each time, I deleted it. I just can't express myself very well today without tearing up. I am thankful that when I cannot find the words to speak to my Savior, that the Holy Spirit intercedes for me!! God knows my heart!! So all I am going to say is, prayer is effective! Prayer is powerful! When you feel burdened and can't sleep, leave it at the feet of Jesus, He will bare our burdens! When you need wisdom, ask for it for He WILL give it! He did for me; He will for you! Humble yourself before Him! Pray for others, it helps you not to be selfish of your own desires. Seek His face and He will make Himself present. I have been seeing more and more of Him because I have been seeking Him. Words cannot express how deeply thankful I am for my Savior! Thank you, Jesus for loving a wretched sinner such as I and freely giving of Yourself so that I may be free, only to be found holy and blameless.
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Monday, June 6, 2011

The Weekend

We had a somewhat of a busy weekend and we didn't go fishing :)
Saturday morning, the kids and I went to the bank and then headed over to our friend's house to have the kids go swimming. It may be our second home this summer (just fore warning ya, Kris!). The kids had a lot of fun swimming. I, on the other hand, really enjoyed the fragrance that came off of their trees. I don't know what kind of trees they are, but they have blossoms on them and have such a sweet smell to them. I remember this smell from childhood, but can't put my finger on where. My guess is my grandparents house in the country. We may go over again tomorrow to have the kids swim, and I told Kris that I may have to cut some branches off! :)
A few weeks ago, Jason had ordered work boots and last week he not only received one set of boots but two sets of boots. On top of it all, it wasn't the ones he wanted! So Saturday we had gone into Eau Claire after Jason was done with work and he returned them both. He ordered the ones he wanted and because he brought in the extra boots that were accidentally sent, they didn't charge him extra for the other boots that were a little more expensive. We then headed over to Gander Mountain to dream of all the stuff we can never afford :)
Sunday, I really needed to go grocery shopping. Me and ANY kind of shopping is like oil and water...we just don't mix!! I despise shopping! So I took two of the kids and first stop was Aldi. Got all my shopping done there with a few gawking looks because of my cart being filled to the brim and a few kids saying to their parents, "Wow, they have a lot of stuff!" Yep, we do...I only go every two weeks and buy enough for the two weeks. My first initial thought was the Duggars! Ha! They shop at Aldi in Arkansas and I can just imagine what people say when they go shopping for 21 people!!! Lol!! Anyhoo, Jesse and Jessica had wanted to wait for me in the car while I bagged the groceries. I told them to go ahead and gave Jesse the keys to roll down the windows. A few minutes later, Jesse comes back saying that the battery is dead. I'm thinking, "What??" So I get out there and sure enough, the battery is dead!! Ugh...not fun. You definitely become quite humble real quick. I asked the first lady to help, but she gave me some weird excuse that her battery was in an unusual hard to get place...I thought all batteries were under the hood? Right? So I ask the next guy but he had to mention that he was in a hurry so I said I would try and ask someone else and he said thanks and left. Finally, the third guy was so kind enough to help this poor woman in distress! :) Yay!! The car started! I kindly thanked him and then we headed over to Walmart to finish up getting what Aldi doesn't have. I had the kids stay in the running car in fear of it not starting again. Earlier I had called Jason and even though we both hated the idea, we really had no choice. So I quickly had gotten all that I needed. Then we headed over to Scheels at the mall and I quickly ran in and picked up a Badminton set!! The kids had been dying to get one and before the car ordeal, Jason had called me up wanting me to pick one up :)
We finally had gotten home after being gone for 3 1/2 hours!! Bleh!! I hate shopping!!
I made lunch and unpacked the groceries while Jason and the kids set up Badminton in the back yard. It was fun watching the kids try and hit the birdies. After much practice, we were somewhat ready for a game. My kids are competitors, so there were MANY reminders that, "It's just a game and we are playing to have fun!" We were out all afternoon and evening with a few breaks and supper in between. By the time we were done, the kids were all bummed that it was time to go in :( We were glad that they had fun!

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Our New Above Ground Pool!!

Break out the patio furniture! Get some nice, cool lemon iced tea and relax by our new above ground pool. When you get too hot and feel the urge to cool off, you can slip into the 4 inch water and cool off you ankles...ahhhh, can you feel it now??
Ha! Yes, after 9 years of having the boat being used as a sandbox, the kids finally convinced me to make it to be a pool. Well, kiddy pool, that is. Last summer, I had bought new sand after 2 years of not getting any, then we moved and had to dump it all out! We decided to skip the sand for now. The kids miss it, but then thought it would be fun to "swim" in it. Hey, whatever works to help cool ya off, right? So, today, I had finally put water in it. Jacob was the first to go in while the others still had school to finish up. Then Jessica went in, and then Joshua went in during lunch break. He HAD to go get his goggles!! Lol!! After a hour of playing in it, I hear, "I wish we could swim at Uncle Jim's and Aunt Chris' house". They have a 9ft. deep pool and the kids LOVED going swimming there every summer! My friend, Kris has a 4ft pool, so we may have to head out there this summer :) But for now, the kids are so far enjoying their above ground pool!! ;)
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