Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Have Been a Martha...

"Now it came to pass, as they went, that he entered into a certain village: and a certain woman named Martha received him into her house. And she had a sister called Mary, which also sat at Jesus' feet, and heard his word. But Martha was cumbered about much serving, and came to him, and said, Lord, dost thou not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Bid her therefore that she help me. And Jesus answered and said unto her, Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things: But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her." Luke 10:38-42
I have been like Martha...busying myself lately and even more so with packing, that I fail to be like Mary and just sit at the feet of Jesus and listen to what He has to me. I have been taking the kids to a VBS here in town. Although, it is a different denomination, I believe that we will see different kinds of denominations in heaven one day! I have volunteered to help where was needed. Yesterday's Bible lesson was about Martha and Mary and as I have been trying to get things packed and done, I find myself being distracted, whether it be worrying about finding a place to rent, getting the stains out of the carpet that won't come out, or trying to get each room done...I find myself forgetting to just stop, breathe, and just listen to Him. I have failed to do my devotions the last two days and I see how quickly Satan can get to me, whether it be my patience, temper, focus, whichever it is...I have busied myself and have not taken the time to listen to what God has to tell me.
I need to be like Mary and sit at the feet of Jesus and listen and not let the business of life distract me from hearing His voice.
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Friday, July 22, 2011

Lunch and Swimming at th Park! :)

Today Jessica had suggested that we have a picnic at the park. The idea sounded great! That is, until after I made everything and stepped was much warmer and a little more humid than yesterday. But we went anyways. I packed sandwiches, chips, cut pieces of watermelon, and koolaid. Off we went with me pulling Ava and everything else in the wagon. We had a nice lunch in the pavilion and then the kids played on the playground for awhile. We soon realized that we were sweating and couldn't take the heat anymore. So at first we walked and rode bikes down by the creek so the kids could swim, but as soon as they saw the crayfish, they decided against it. So we ended up going by the little boat launch and the kids swam there...I guess what they can't see won't hurt them! Lol! It took 20 minutes before I could convince Ava that the minnows were not going to bite her before she finally went in! :)
We stayed for about 45 minutes and then headed home...I should have went for a quick swim, my back was drenched! Bleh!
Another fun day for the kids and I :)
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The Run Down of Our Day Yesterday :)

Yesterday was a fun filled day of adventure!! We began the morning with waffles for breakfast. I had to make a quick run to the store for the mix because I needed to go grocery shopping baaad! After breakfast, we all had gotten ready for the day and were out the door by little after 8am! (A miracle!!!)
Our first stop was the bank. Then we headed over to the park so they could play for a while. The zoo didn't open until 10am and the kids had been begging to go to this particular park that is by the bank. So they played there for a half hour. We then got gas, and while I was getting gas, I had spotted a produce stand and decided to drive over and get some corn! We left with 20 ears of corn and a watermelon. The lady was nice and kept giving the kids samples of watermelon and cantelope, but now they all had to go to the bathroom! So after a quick bathroom break, we were headed off to Aldi to get lunchables because I had no food in the house!
Once we were finished at Aldi, we finally headed off to the zoo. We had never been there before and our dumb gps couldn't locate the address I had put in! I called my friend and gave me an intersection to put in and then it worked, but it wasn't exact so we had gotten lost. I stopped at a gas station and asked for directions but still had gotten lost again anyways! I tried to turn around not realizing that it was a double one way street! Finally, I had seen a community pool area and thought I'd just drive down that street, and sure enough, there was the entrance to Irvine Park!!
I had no idea what to expect. The only thing I knew when talking to a couple who suggested coming to this zoo, was that it was small. This zoo was not only just a zoo, it was also a park and recreational park. I quickly saw how not much animals there were, but still the kids enjoyed them. We saw some ducks, geese, pond turtles, a monkey (lemur to be exact), some owls, guinea hens, quail, peacocks, iguana, bunnies, goats, sheep, a miniature horse, a donkey, bears, cougars, tigers, deer, and bison. And that was pretty much it. They had fun petting the horse and bunnies. When petting the goats, one had gotten a hold of Joshua's shirt, he thought that was pretty funny :) In the little building where the iguana, goats and sheep were, there was this neat little discovery box with 5 different sections and a hole on the side for each section. You were to put your hand in the hole and try and guess what you were feeling. The kids thought that was interesting and were excited when they had guessed a few right.
The bigger animals were a bit sluggish in the heat and were trying to keep cool in the shade. When we first walked past the cougars, tigers, and bears, the bears at the time were the only ones moving around. The second time, they were lazin' in the shade and one kept sticking his tongue out and Jacob thought he was doing it at him and found this to be hilarious :)
We walked past the fenced in area for the deer and found none, but when we came back the second time we had seen two. Next, we walked by the bison. It was absolutely crazy that all that was between us was a wired fence!! As we came up to the bison, they were eating the grass. One was a little grumpy as he was snorting at us. When the kids came close to the fence, he rammed his head into the fence which caused us all to jump! I insisted that we moved on!
As we continued to walk, we realized that, that was pretty much it for animals. We kept walking in hopes to see more. We came across this road that was for biking or walking and decided to explore. We wandered aimlessly, not knowing where we were going or where the road was going to end up taking us...that was the fun of it all! We came across a river and went down close to it. Of course, all the kids wanted to "only put their feet in", but I knew better and said "no", knowing that they would most likely end up drenched from head to toe! We kept walking and came across this cave. I said, "be careful of the bears...", so they backed off until I said I was teasing :) The cave didn't go in very far and the kids had fun playing around inside. They found other things to climb around on and Joshua found a worm he wanted me to take a picture of. We finally came to the end of the road which lead us back to kind of where we had parked. The kids spotted a bench swing and had all wanted to go on. We then spotted some neat cannons as we were headed back to the car to get a drink. I found the cannons to be neat as it reminded me of my senior class trip to Gettysburg.
We had drinks and snacks and then headed over to the playground for a bit. Then I decided to just take a drive around the park to see if we missed anything. The kids all wanted to see the animals one last time, so we quickly did that before driving around. We drove around and saw an area with fenced in deer and had to stop. The kids were thrilled that the "daddy" deer came up to the fence for them to pet.
As we continued to drive along, we spotted a cool dam and had to stop! I, of course, had to get closer! You could barely see it through the trees, so we hiked down the ravine all the way to the dam. It's not like a waterfall, but close enough :) Just the sight of it all and down the river stream, was just beautiful! I love nature :) While down by the dam, Jesse came across a new looking Tony Hawk skateboard, so then of course the other kids wanted to find stuff as well! After spending much time by the dam, we finally moved on. We then came across a neat bridge that was highly elevated off from the ground. It was a long ways down!
We continued to drive around until we knew for sure we had seen everything. We saw that there were some hiking trails, but time was slipping by fast and we needed to head home.
Even the zoo part wasn't very big, I found this park to be very fun. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring it with the kids :) We're hoping to go just one more time before we move.
I was so thankful that the humidity and heat had subsided for the day so that we could enjoy our time at the zoo.
The ride home was quiet as each one dozed off from the business of the day :)
The day wasn't over...
We came home and I had to take garbage to the dump and then get supper ready and then go grocery shopping!
Jacob and Ava and then Jessica, all helped husk the corn for supper and did such an awesome job! Supper was rushed! I was planning on taking Jessica, Jacob, and Ava and leave Jesse, Joshua, and Ethan home with Jason. So I was rushing the three that I was taking with to hurry and eat so we could leave! I was rushing them because I had wanted to leave by 6:30 and it takes a half hour to get to Eau Claire and Aldi closes at 8pm and time was ticking away! We finally left at 6:45! I had 45 minutes to shop! It usually takes me an hour or an hour and a half to shop with all 4 kids during the day when it is sometimes crowded. I was done in 40 minutes with 5 minutes to spare and that was even AFTER I bagged my groceries!! A record!! :) We then headed over to Walmart to finish getting what Aldi doesn't have. Finally, we headed home by 9pm and by the time we unloaded and unpacked and put things away and everyone had snacks and went to bed, it was 11pm...whew!!! Long day!! My goal was to stop at Starbucks on the way home from shopping and get a coconut white chocolate mocha frappe, but decided against it seeing that it was getting late and that I just picked up some Almond Joy creamer to try (which was super yummy this morning!!).
So that was our day yesterday :) Hope you found this to be fun to have read :)

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Zoo/Nature pt. 8

As we continued our drive, we came across an area with fenced in deer that we had earlier failed to spot. The kids had gotten out and were excited that the daddy deer came up to them so they could pet him.
We then came across a high bridge and they thought it was cool how high it was or how far below the ground was.
That was the end of our time at the zoo/park/recreational/nature, whatever you want to call it, but it was fun and more than just a zoo...a place for fun! :)
I was so thankful for such a beautiful day we had!

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Zoo/Nature pt. 7

Once we were finished looking at the animals and having the kids play on the playground, we decided to drive through the park to see if we missed anything. What a beautiful drive through the park! As I drove, I spotted a dam, so we stopped. You couldn't see the dam too well through the trees, so we decided to hike down the revine all the way down to get a closer look! Even though it was just a dam and not a waterfall, it was still neat to see :) As we were exploring around the dam, Jesse found a new Tony Hawk skateboard! So of course, they had to find more stuff and they came across a paintbrush and a t-shirt...after much convincing that we didn't need a used paintbrush, we moved on :)
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Zoo/Nature pt. 6

We had stopped to see the bears, cougars, and tigers before we had seen the bison, but they were all lazin' in the shade. The bears were up and walking around earlier, but when we came back, they were sleeping. The one bear kept sticking his tongue out and Jacob thought it was funny because he thought the bear was doing it towards him :)
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Zoo/Nature pt. 5

I just thought these were cool :) It had reminded me of the one I had seen when I had gone on my senior class trip to Gettysburg in Pennsylvania.
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Zoo/Nature pt. 4

As we wandered aimlessly, we came across this cave. It was dark, so you couldn't see how far it went in. So as the kids began to approach the cave, I warned them to be careful of the bears!! Lol!! They kinda stepped back and were like, "really?". I laughed and assured them there were no bears :) Jesse read the little history plaque of the cave, but I still was not sure what the purpose of its use other than to stay cool. It didn't go in very far, but the kids thought it was cool and fun. We stayed here for awhile. Then next to the cave was an area that looked like there once was some sort of a small building there. Then the kids tried to climb up over the cave from the side. I didn't have them go too far because the two smaller kids were following and I didn't want them hurt.
As we moved on a bit, the kids spotted another small little hole on the side of the hill and of course had to go in :)
When we finished our walk, the kids spotted this bench swing and wanted to swing on it :)
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Zoo/Nature pt. 3

After seeing the bison, we kept walking and ended up walking down some bike/walking road of some sort. We had no clue where were going and were walking aimlessly awaiting for something. Ava still wanted to look for animals, but I came to realize that all that we had already seen was it.
I was up for the adventure of discovering new things as we kept walking. I knew it would eventually lead us somewhere :)
We spotted a fast flowing stream or river or something :) Of course the kids wanted to go in, but I didn't want wet kids, because even though they ONLY wanted to put their feet in, I knew better...they would be drenched from head to toe!! :)
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Zoo/Nature pt. 2

Crazy psycho bison!! Yeah, that fence was all that was between us and those 2,000 lb bison!! The one was grumpy and kept snorting at us and when the kids came close to the fence, he's ram his head into the fence!! Crazy! Made the kids jump back and me just jump! So I said, "let's move on"
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Zoo/Nature Walk Adventure :) pt. 1

I'll explain the pictures in each post and then for my final post, I'll just write about our day :)
The first picture was over by the duck pond. My niece, Ava, loves animals! the kids thought it was cool how close you could get to the horses, close enough to pet :) You can kinda see in one picture of the goats, but one of the goats got hold of Joshua's shirt as he started to walk away, it was kinda funny, but he let go before I could take a picture :)
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