Monday, August 27, 2012

Fun with the Trampoline and Sprinkler :)

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Back to School...for Jason :)

Finally!! After the endless paper information that was needed, registration, signing up for classes, late nights of trying to do orientation on line, trying to pass an exam before his first day of school, Jason has finally done it and today was his first day of college!!
His first class started at 2:30 and his second at 4:00. He even left early to get there early so he knew where his classes were at. :)
I am so proud of him for taking this new step so late in life...he told me that I was next!! Wait, WHAT??!!??
Please keep us in prayer, because I know these next 3 years are going to be stressful and overwhelming at times. Trying to work, got to school, and do homework around four kids is going to get crazy!
Please pray that he will find a job that will work around his school schedule. He is hoping to maybe get a job on campus.
I am just thankful the first step is done...getting him started and in on time for the fall semester :)
Thank you for your prayers!!
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An Unexpected ER Visit :(

Last week was a busy week of trying to get things squared away for Jason with school. Jason was able to sign up for two classes. Not only were the classes expensive, but the BOOKS were ridiculous!! He will be going to school two days a week and doing online classes as well, so a computer was needed. We haven't had a computer in a few years.
In the meantime, he has been working on his dad's shed and now shingles were needed.
I needed to go grocery shopping, so we decided to do everything all at once. The plan was to get shingles, change our Verizon plan due to getting a computer, go grocery shopping, go home, eat lunch, head back into town, go to Walmart to get a computer, and go home. Sounded busy, full, and simple, but we only had gotten as far as Home Depot for the shingles. After taking several pictures with my phone, emailing pictures to Jason's mom, deciding on which shingles, we finally had what we wanted and headed towards the checkout. Now the cart that Jason had the shingles on was a flatbed type cart and was piled with 17 things of shingles, which by the way are pretty heavy. Jason was pulling the cart, Jacob was helping pull, Jessica was helping push, and I was carrying the facia. Next thing we heard was Jacob crying. We looked down and he was on the floor and his foot was stuck under one of the front wheels of the cart! Ouch!! Jason tried to quickly push the cart off his foot. He picked him up and he was in tears. One of the employees came over and offered to get some ice. So I followed with Jacob in my arms and headed to the bathroom to try and run cold water on his foot, but it only made things worse and made it hurt more. Finally the employee came back with ice packs for his foot. I had gotten some bathroom paper towel to wrap them up in. The employee wrote down our names and number so they could check on how he was doing. I ended up carrying Jacob out to the car with Jessica in tow, while Jason finished taking the cart up front to pay for the shingles. I brought the car and trailer up around to the front so Jason could load up the trailer. Jacob was crying the whole time and we just felt so helpless!! Finally after 15 minutes, Jason had the trailer loaded and we went to the hospital to the ER.
We had gotten Jacob checked in and by now he was settling down as we waited in the waiting room. It was about 1pm when we had arrived. Around 1:30 we met with another guy to kind of document what happened and to schedule for x-rays. Around 2 we went in for his x-rays. Around 3:30, we walked out of the hospital without ever seeing the doctor with the results. We waited for an hour and a half to get results!! In the meantime, Jacob's foot was looking and feeling better, so we didn't feel too bad about leaving.
The next day, we did get a phone call from the doctor's office telling us his foot was fine and no broken bones, but they saw a lesion on his ankle bone. Today, I had made an appointment for Thursday to find out more about this "lesion".
Asking for prayer that the lesion will be nothing.
So far he has been fine. He still has a bruise on his foot. He was sore the next day which we had expected and yesterday he was hurting when jumping on the trampoline.
Other than that, he's been doing good.
Again, please keep him in prayer.
Thank you!
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Building a Woodshed

For the last week, Jason has been working on building his dad a woodshed for his log splitter and logs. He's doing such an awesome job! And also putting my heart into a cardiac arrest!! I could NOT do what he does!! He puts his life at risk too many times! Crazy!

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Fishing :)

Yesterday morning before church, Jason, Jessica, Jacob, and I had gone on down to the lake to fish from shore. It was fun for a little bit for the kids until they realized that it wasn't really fun catching baby sun fish all morning and would prefer a "bigger" catch! Jacob did catch one nice sized blue gill, but it was deformed and the color just didn't look looked sick or something, so we put it back.
Jason had gotten the boat all ready for us to take out in the afternoon, but it ended up down pouring. We waited until dinner time to head out. I had to still get my fishing license and get a few more worms.
I really didn't fish, I thought I would be busy helping the kids with their fish, but with no catches, I finally started fishing as we were all packing up to head back to the marina. After a few adjustments to the depth of the line, I cast the lure, and BOOM!! Fish!! I caught a nice blue gill!! So Jason offered to take a picture for me :)

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Welfare Carp!

Yesterday, I had gone down to the Marina with Jessica and Jacob to get some worms so we could go fishing. When going to the Marina, you walk onto a pier that then takes you to the marina shop. While walking on the pier, the carp hear your footsteps and come out from nowhere!! They are waiting to be fed! We've fed them in years past when we've come to Arkansas to visit. The carp and blue gill LOVE dog food!! So when I had gone yesterday, Jacob and Jessica each had a sandwich bag of dog food to feed the fish.
What vultures!!

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nasty Cicadas!!

Eeeewww!!! They're everywhere!! They land on ya while you're walking!! And if you come close to one, they make that noise. This one in the picture didn't, but the one I killed yesterday did. Yuk!!
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A few weeks ago, Jacob had spent 3 hours building a Tilt-A-Whirl!! He did it ALL by himself with just three little adjustment I had to help him make, but he did an awesome job building it himself!!
The next day, Joshua and Jessica built a Ferris Wheel :)
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I can never get enough of these!
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Geckos/Lizards...or Something

There are a ton of little lizards down here and the three younger kids have a lot of fun trying to catch the baby ones because the baby lizards don't run as fast as the bigger ones :)
The other day, Jessica had finally caught a blue tailed lizard and was bummed that it escaped Jacob's hands. She's been trying to catch a blue lizard for a while now.
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Meeting Cousins :)

Jason's sister, Patti, had come the weekend of our second trip down. She and her two boys, her husband, and her cousin had all came up from Texas for the week. Sadly for Jason and I, we only had the chance to visit for a day and a half before him and I had headed back up to Wisconsin. Jesse and Joshua were able to spend the whole week with the boys while Jessica and Jacob spent the whole week with their other cousins that are two and a half hours away.
In the picture with the kids is Michael. James is 14 and kind of kept to himself. The boys got along real well with Michael.
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Why is Our Air Conditioner NOT Working??

Our third and final trip down, the next day the our air conditioner in the car was making a loud noise. We had no idea what happened. We then thought maybe a snake had gotten inside the fan of the air conditioner!! Jason slowly took apart the air conditioner from inside the car and when he had came to the last piece to take out, he cautiously and quickly let go and let the piece drop to the floor of the car...and out came a mouse!! How he got in we have no idea, because the part he was in, he'd have to get in from being inside the car and we only had the windows open a crack, and unless mice can fly...we have no idea how he got in!
Sadly, his little life was put to an end because I didn't want him finding his way into our mobile home!!
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The Arch

On our second trip down, we took two vehicles. I had three of the four kids plus the dog and Jason had one of the kids. Jesse was sitting up front with me and I had asked him to take a picture for me. Not like I don't have similar pictures :)
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Saying "Good-bye"

I had forgot to post a few pictures of when we had gotten ready to leave last month. These were just of my sister's, Molly, two kids, Ethan and Ava, on the last day of VBS. It was also our kids' last day up North.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Holding the Chicks :)

This morning Joshua and Jessica had gotten up before us and gave the chicks fresh water :)
Today, they were able to hold the chicks and they were thrilled!

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