Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Was Going to Complain

I just right now went to my email to compose a new blog post and complain about my swollen, sore feet, when I was gently reminded of my friend and how I have nothing to complain about. When I lose focus of other people's needs, I tend to dwell on my aches and pains.
Thank you, Lord, for reminding me to think of others who are in greater pain than myself and reminding me to lift them up in prayer.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Naughty and Cute ALL at the Same Time!!

I have been trying to get in some MUCH needed exercise by going for a walk/jog/run every morning. Hunter usually comes with me in the morning or whatever dog is outside at the moment. I usually walk down to the end of the driveway, which is about a mile long, then walk through my brother-in-law's property to the trails he made, then back out to the driveway, and then walk down the road to the lake...a good 45 min or so, but very tiresome! A good workout!
Today, as I had gone for my walk, I was almost to the end of the driveway when Hunter started to lay his head down onto the gravel driveway. I yelled at him and he stopped and it ended up being poop from most likely a coyote. Yuk! I get the end of the driveway and turn around and Hunter ran ahead of me to where I couldn't see him. I walk up to where the poop was and it was smeared all into the driveway!! He ROLLED in it!!! UGH!! I was NOT happy...that rotten, nasty dog!!
Thankfully, my walk wasn't finished yet and I still needed to walk down to the lake. So I made sure he followed me as I headed on down.
Usually I stop down at the campfire and sit on the stone bench. It is my resting place where I take a short 5 minute break before making the long strip back up to the house. It is so peaceful to sit and look out onto the lake and take in His beauty. But this time, I had walked ALL the way down so that Hunter could somewhat rinse off.
We get down towards the water and first thing he does is get into the water! Yay! He LOVES the water! He trembles as he watches the fish :) What a crazy dog! He looks too cute when stalking the fish. How can he be sooo naughty one minute and yet look so cute the next?? (Same goes for the kids at times!)
He really needed a good swim to help get most of the poop off, so I threw a stick and in he went.
As soon as we had gotten back I hosed him down and washed him up!
We'll see how long he remains clean...
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Redneck Style

The other day, 3 of the kids decided to ride their bikes up to Jason's brother's place while Jesse and I had walked. His brother and wife come usually on the weekends. He is in the process of building a house but for now just has a pole barn built and has a camper on the property. They were here again for the weekend and were getting ready to leave the next early morning and the kids had wanted to say "good-bye". My sister-in-law's dad was there as well and was going to be staying there for the week.
After being there for a while, it had gotten pretty dark out. So before we had left, my sister-in-law's dad grabbed a flashlight and shoved it in between Jacob's handlebars and wrapped it up in electrical tape to keep it from falling out. When we had turned it on, the light was pointing up into the trees!! Lol!! His gesture was sweet :)
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Fixing the Fence

The chicken fence has been in need of a good fixin for quite some time now and seeing that the chicks are getting older, they want to get out. Because the fence was attached to the trees years ago and well, the trees have grown over the years, the fence has raised which now the chicks can escape and critters can get in.
Yesterday, Doris and I had gone into town and when we had come back, I had seen all five of them working together on fixing the fence. Not finished yet, but soon it will be done and the chicks will love being out of the coupe :) Next, their wings will need to be clipped so they don't fly over the fence :)
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I knew they were down in Arkansas and Jason's mom had mentioned how she has seen them, but I forgot all about them!! This morning as Jesse and Joshua were making their way to the trailer from the house, Joshua says, "Wow! That's a BIG spider!". I was on my way back to the trailer after having to borrow my mother-in-law's hair dryer seeing that mine decided to die this morning. I came over to all the commotion and see this HUGE...well, I thought it was huge...TARANTULA that was on the siding of the trailer!!! I had never seen one, so of course, I HAD to take a picture!! So I ran into the trailer, put the hair dryer down, grabbed my cell phone, had Jason take the tarantula off the siding because the lighting was awful for taking a picture...ha! He moved it over onto the driveway so I could take a picture :) Then he squashed it!! Eeeewwww!! Ahhhh!! Still gives me the chills as I write this!!
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Craft Time

Jason's brother and sister-in-law came back from their mission conference and had gotten all the kids gifts. The two older boys had gotten little wooden model airplanes, Jacob had gotten those spinning propeller things that you spin in your hand and let go and it flies a bit, and Jessica had gotten a fall craft idea book. When we had gotten back home, the next day we had gone to the store to get a few things so she could make some crafts. Her first craft was this turkey. She did a great job with a little help :)
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Fun Creations

Last week while at my brother-in-law's, the kids had fun playing with this toy that had a drill, drill bits, and screws. It came with several patterns, so the kids had fun making several different designs :)
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Adventures of Bentonville

Oh, I just know you were all dying of anticipation to hear my adventure from the other day ;)  Well, here it kind of goes...
This week, as you know, I have been watching my nieces and nephew.  We live in Peel and Bentonville is 2 1/2 hours west of Peel.  We have been in Arkansas for about 6 weeks and I am finally getting around pretty good...well to Flippin, Yellville, and Harrison and back, still working on getting to Mountain Home and back...not quite there yet.  I have been trying to do it without the gps too :)
Anyhoo, Bentonville...a whole new unfamiliar surrounding, a bigger (much bigger) town/city than wee little ol' unpopulated town of Peel.  I had to go to the doctor for the cellulitis on my upper thigh and NEEDED an antibiotic.  When people explain how to get there, they seem to assume you know what they are talking about when you have no clue whatsoever they are saying or talking about!  So I usually say, "Just give me an address and I will put it in the gps."  Of course, the gps likes to send you on rabbit trails and barely gets you to the proper destination!  My sister-in-law had called a friend of hers who was willing to watch the kids for me so that I didn't have to take them with me to the doctor.  I was very grateful for that!!
So my adventure begins.  I leave to go to the doctor's in which my sister in law had found on google that had an office visit price starting at $60.  Perfect!  The lady watching the kids, tried to explain to me on how to get there, once again assuming I knew exactly which way to go, which streets to turn on, and whala! I am there!  So I put the address in the gps.  Never found the place, called the lady, she directed me to the office, wrong office, got different directions, found the office, was the only patient, was in and out in lickity split time.  Now to find a Walmart to fill my prescription.  Um, yeah.  Bentonville -Headquarters of Walmart.  Do I know where the closest or any Walmarts are?  NO!  GPS.  20 Walmarts pop up.  Which one, the closest, of course!  I begin to follow the gps only to be lead to the headquarter offices.  Ok, next Walmart on the list.  Follow, another set of Walmart office buildings.  Now I have to decide WHICH Walmart on the list to click on that WON'T take me to the offices!  After 15 minutes of driving in circles, there was a Walmart pretty much around the block from the doctor's office!!  Get in and there is a 35-40 min wait.  This Walmart is small and only sells produce and that day I had wanted to buy The October Baby, but they sold none.  So, I thought, do I venture out in search of another Walmart while waiting for my presciption...sure, why not.  Whew!  Clicked on the right one this time!  Went in, found the movie, paid for the movie, walked out, got to the car, realized I forgot the movie!  Duh!  Walked back in, lady smiled at me and said in her southern accent, "I knew you'd be coming back for your movie" :)  What a dork I am!  Now to find the other clue.  I had my sister-in-law text me directions.  Ha ha!  Got back to the other Walmart, got my prescription (only $5, yay!), and went home.  
So that was my crazy adventure in Bentonville :)  Wasn't that worth waiting for ;)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

I feel like I have no downtime these days.  We are constantly doing something or something is happening.  A week and a half ago, we had gotten a letter form the State of Wisconsin informing us that we are being audited for the years  It's been very stressful and there had been tension in the house for almost a week.  No fun!  On top of all that, we were waiting for the results on Jacob's ankle, which, Praise God, was nothing.  
Last Friday, I had the opportunity to get together with a homeschool group from our area.  It was nice to be able to meet other families.  I am looking forward to the upcoming activities that are planned.  Next month, we will be going to a pumpkin farm and will get to go on a hayride, go through a corn maze, and get to pick out a pumpkin.
Saturday, the kids and I had gone to Doris' church for their community luncheon.  They also had two air thingys for the kids to jump and play on.  You were able to race others on one of the air thingy :)  
Sunday, the kids and I had left to head to Bentonville, which was a 2 and a half hour drive, to Jason's brother and sister-in-law's house to babysit their four kids for the week while they went on a missions conference trip to Arizona.
Monday, I had a list of things to get accomplished and it was all phone calls.  On Saturday, I found out that my Abeka school material was shipped to Wisconsin instead of Arkansas.  Abeka was my first call on my list of people to call.  I was on hold for an hour and got disconnected.  I tried again and again was on hold for an hour and I ended up giving up seeing that none of my other things were getting accomplished.  
Before I got back to making my phone calls, my sister-in-law and brother-in-law drove me the school routes to and from school for both of my nieces.  Both are in different schools and the route there is different from the pick up route.  So there was much running around.
After Mike and Karma left, I had gotten back to making my phone calls.  One to to Ford to get a lein release, one to the State of Wisconsin to figure out what was all needed, one to Home Base Education for proof of homeschooling my kids for the audited years, and again to Abeka.  I finally gave up on Abeka and waited until today (Tuesday).
 Talking with Jason last night, I found out that our federal taxes are finally paid off!!  Praise God!!  That was exciting news after a stressful day of making phone calls. 
Then last night, I noticed that my inner thigh was inflamed, red, and I was sore.  About 3 days ago, I found a tick in those not so fun places that ticks like to go....the underwear  So I pulled it out.  At first it started out as a normal bug bite so i was hoping that was as far as it would be.  I should have known better.  So last night I noticed my thigh.  I texted and called my sister-in-law and she got a hold of the neighbor across the street, who is a nurse, to come over and take a look at my leg.  She mentioned something about mountain spider bites and tick bites and that I needed to see a doctor.  She told me to take Benadryl for now until I saw a doctor.  Jason and I are not insured, but the kids are, so I was hesitant about going, but knew I NEEDED to go and I NEEDED antibiotics NOW!  The neighbor gave me the number to a clinic that offers free services to those who have no insurance, but when I had called this morning, I was informed that he only comes in on Thursdays :(
So my sister-in-law found a place on line near here that was only $60!!  I went and was the only patient, so I was in and out in lickity split no time!!  And the antibiotics were only $5!!  Praise God!!  Now I am on antibiotics and praying that it heals soon!
So yes, things have been busy!  I will have to blog about my venture out in Bentonville trying to find the doctor's office AND trying to find a Walmart in Bentonville (Walmart Headquarters), but that will have to wait because I need to leave to pick up my niece from school :)  It was definitely an adventure!!
Thank you for your prayers!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

I Had a Strange Feeling That This Would Happen!!

Two weeks ago tomorrow, I had ordered all my school material for the kids. I KNEW I had to change my shipping address first. When I had gone on line, they didn't allow you yourself to change the mailing address anymore, instead, you had to email I did. I placed my order. I called the next day to confirm my order and my address change. She changed it for me.
I had only received ONE item that was on back order while still waiting for the rest of my things. Finally I had text our previous landlady and asked her if the new tenants ever received any boxes. Sure enough...they did!! And now they are sitting in the garage at our old place in Lyons!! Of course too now, I can't get a hold of Abeka until Monday. Ugh!!
I am hoping to get this straightened out to where I don't need to pay again the over $80 shipping and handling fee :/ Thankfully I will be gone all next week, but I was hoping to have had my things by now so that I could have been prepared for when we all came back home.
I know it will all work out in the end :)
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A Sigh of Relief

Tuesday afternoon, Jacob had a scheduled CT scan for on his ankle after we were told the previous week that he had an unusual lesion.
I took Jacob to the doctor for his scan and he did such a great job of laying still so the technician could do the scan. It only lasted about 5 minutes or so, but he still did great :)
On our way home we made a "secret" stop to McDonalds for some ice cream :)
The next day we were hoping to hear the results, but no call came. By Thursday, we couldn't take it anymore and had called and left a message. Within the half hour after calling, we had received the call we had been waiting for....he was all clear!! It was nothing, just extra tissue and ligaments. We finally could sigh a sigh of relief!! I already gave it to God and was prepared for whatever the outcome would be, but it was still a relief to know that he was fine.
Thank you to those who had prayed for Jacob!!
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