Monday, December 31, 2012


This morning we had a fun surprise as Joshua came running into the house after letting the chickens out and feeding them!! 3 EGGS!! WhoooHooo!!!
At lunchtime, there was one more. At dinner time there was another. So tonight for supper, we tried the eggs. Yep, they taste the same :)
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Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Exercise Partner, My Motivater!

I am very unmotivated when it comes to any kind of exercise!! I mean, who really is?? In the past, I've always done well exercising with a friend, someone not only to workout with but to also to exercise our jaws with :)
I've tried Wii fit, Julian Michaels, and Zumba on my own and well, they are very good dust collectors. I've taken Hunter for walks, but where we were always living, he had to be put on a leash, which really did turn into a workout with him pulling and yanking your arm out of socket. By the time I got back home I would be frustrated and say, "Never again!" Even with the choke collar on him, he would still pull...guess we wanted to go on a run and not a walk.
Since moving down with Jason's parents, I've seen my need to exercise...blah! His parents have 96 acres of land, a very long driveway (about a mile), long road to the lake, and many walking trails. Basically room to run, walk, or hike. In all the other places we've lived, Hunter was put outside on a leash, not here, he has FREEDOM!! Well, for a while he did until he brought back a deer leg from one of the carcasses we dumped after butchering it up. Now Hunter has to wear his shock collar because he hasn't been listening and has been wandering too far enjoying his freedom a little too much. However, he is in the best shape he has ever been!!
Anyhoo, I've been walking for months now and every time I go, I take the dog and whatever else dog decides to follow me :)
Every morning it's the same. Hunter whines, I let him out to go to the bathroom, let him back in, I try and go back to sleep, he whines spastically, he nudges me, he paces, he yips, until FINALLY I'm like, "Ok ok OK, I'm getting up! Let's go for our walk!" Once I say walk, oh my goodness! Watch out, he is running around the house like a psycho! I can't get ready fast enough! He yips louder, paces faster, whines louder! I open the door and ZOOM out the door he goes! He LOVES our walks :)
This morning I tried to get him to sit so I could take his picture, but he's so spastic, you wouldn't be able to tell in these pictures, but he was going crazy having to be made to sit!
He knows my routes :) He's always several feet ahead of me ready to make the turn I usually go.
He's my exercising partner and a good motivater :)
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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Birthday Boy!!

Our baby boy turned 6 yesterday!! Jacob was so excited to turn six because it meant that he was old enough to go hunting! You have to be 6 or older to go on the youth hunt. The youth hunt started on the 26th of December and was going until the 28th, the day of his birthday. There is another youth hunt next weekend too :)
Jacob woke up excited to open his present. More Legos! He loves the Legos he has gotten for Christmas, with his birthday money, and now birthday because they are HIS and he doesn't have to ask to play with the older boys' Legos :)
While he was building his set with the boys and Jessica, he says, "That's right! I get to go hunting today!"
After lunch Jason took Jacob hunting. It was cold and drizzly, but they still went. Jason said as soon as they got there, ten minutes later Jacob fell fast asleep for about an hour, then woke up and whispered, "I think we better leave". So that was his afternoon of hunting :)
For supper he chose sloppy joe's and for his birthday cake he wanted dirt cake. We took the cake over to the house so Bill and Doris could join us. After cake, we all went back over to the trailer and played games that Jacob picked out for us to play.
He had a fun day...can't believe he's 6! :)
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Another Day in Branson

For Christmas we gave Jesse money and a couple gifts. He's getting very difficult to shop for these days. We were trying to encourage him to think of a hobby to start, to give him something new to strike his interest. We at first looked up things on the internet, but idea after idea nothing was "catching" his eye. We decided to look for a hobby shop and we found one to try out in Hollister, near Branson. So Thursday we headed out in search of a hobby :) The hobby shop we stopped at in Hollister was exactly what we were looking for. Trains, planes, ships, cars, and so much more!! After about an hour of being there, Jesse decided to save up for a remote control airplane. He could buy the plane now, but wouldn't be able to fly it. They get ya by having you buy all the other parts in which it makes it fly. In the end, it will cost around $600!! Crazy!! So I guess he's saving for now.
We then stopped at Branson Landing, the outdoor strip mall....brrr! We were given Christmas money for the family and decided to get a couple family games....we LOVE playing games!! Everything was half off...perfect! We had gotten Telestrations and Dixit. We were looking to see if they still had Ticket to Ride, but they were out. Telestrations is along the line of the telephone game and Dixit it similar to Apples to Apples but with just picture cards...both very fun games! I think the kids like Telestrations the best.
We then stopped at Walmart because Jessica wanted to spend birthday money and Jacob's birthday was the next day so Doris gave him birthday money to take along to spend. Jessica bought paints, paint brushes, painting paper, little clay figurines to paint, and a bracelet making kit. Jacob bought Legos. They were on sale...yes! The best deal :)
It was a chilly day, but we had gotten a few things accomplished. Jessica and Jacob spent their birthday money, and Jesse found a hobby to save up for :)
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Friday, December 28, 2012

Spotless and Pure

The other day, Jason's mom had listened to a Christian program on tv talking about the "Christmas Story". She figured that it would be the same ol' story you hear year after year, so she half listened. As the preacher began preaching, her interest began to change as she listened. He spoke on things that she has never gave any thought of.
Bethlehem. Did you know that there were two Bethlehems? So how did the Shepherds know which one to go to? Sacrifices of a spotless, pure lamb were made to take the sins of man away. It was a symbol that was made by God. These lambs were born in a stable or a tower and were immediately wrapped in blankets to keep clean before their sacrifice. One of these towers or stables was in Bethlehem, the same Bethlehem where Jesus was born.
Think about it. Jesus, the Lamb, born in a stable, spotless and pure, wrapped in a blanket, and would be sacrificed for our sins.

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Luke 2:13 And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying:

14 "Glory to God in the highest,
And on earth peace, goodwill toward men!"

Christmas has come and gone. I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas as you celebrated the birth of our Savior, Jesus. How He humbled Himself to be born of a virgin so He could take the burden of our sins.
Every year, we begin our morning by reading from Matthew 1 and Luke 1 and 2. We read of Jesus' descendants, of Zacharias and Elizabeth's birth announcement of John, of Mary's announcement of Jesus, Mary's visit to Elizabeth, John's birth, Jesus' birth, the shepherds, the wisemen, Simeon, and Anna. It takes a little while to read, but it is very important to teach, learn, and understand the true meaning of Christmas and the beginning of it all.
Once the reading is all done, Jason asks the kids questions about the story reading to make sure they were all paying attention :)
Yes, presents can be an exciting time, but we must not forget about our Savior and why He came to be born of
a virgin.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Meteor Shower

Who was able to watch the meteor shower last Thursday night??? We did!! It was my parents last night here, and Doris mentioned to us that she saw on the news about a meteor shower for Thursday night. After we played some games that night, we all drove out to the post office to watch the meteor shower because it was more open and darker. At the house, there are two lights on posts that sort of light up the area making it hard to have seen the meteor shower.
When we first got there and got out of the car, we looked up and waited...nothing. Finally, we saw the falling stars, sometimes one right after another or there would be a short lull before we saw the next one. We saw bright ones and dull ones, but what a sight! It was such a clear, perfect night!!
The kids lasted for a little bit before wanting to warm back up in the car :) I guess the peak of the meteor shower was around midnight, but we didn't stay out that long.
Glad we went to go see it!
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Christmas Pictures

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Porridge in a Pear Tree

Yes, Jessica has been singing and singing The 12 Days of Christmas and I keep correcting her that it's partridge in a pear tree, not porridge :)
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Christmas Shopping, Wrapping, and Caroling

Yesterday after my parents left to head back to Wisconsin, Jason and I had gone into town to not only pick up a new capacitor for the well, but to also do Christmas shopping.
We realize that as the kids get older, it is getting harder to "know" what to get each kid. Jacob and Jessica were still pretty easy and their gifts were done quickly. Joshua is one who sees something and THAT'S what he wants the MOST!! Problem is, his #1 item changes DAILY!! It took a little longer for him, but we finally decided on a gift. Jesse. Usually EVERY year, Jesse knows exactly what he wants and it makes things easy. Not this year. The things that he did finally decide on wasn't something that we really wanted to get him. We would have loved to have a hobby store nearby to get him a model of some sort or a build your own robot or something like that for him, but no hobby store. It was frustrating deciding "what" to get him. In the end, we had gotten a few of the things he suggested and the rest of the money we put in a card for him. Whew! Done!
We got home, Jason put in the new capacitor, and I covered the presents with a blanket until dark.
We watched a movie, ate supper, and played Settlers with the kids. When it was time for bed, Jason brought in all the gifts to our bedroom for me to wrap. Of course the kids were all excited as I began wrapping. Jessica came to the door and asked if she could help wrap! Ha! Then of course, Jacob thought he would give it a try and ask :) As I was wrapping, I heard Jason trying to teach the kids the 12 days of Christmas song. Every now and then he'd holler, for me to hear behind closed doors, "What is the 9th day?" and I'd holler back, "9 ladies dancing!" :) After a few of those, he finally got the whole song. Once he sang it through, he had all the kids sing with him...pretty funny :) Then they started sing other Christmas songs and Jason ended up having each kid pick a song that they had to sing solo. Of course, Jessica picked the 12 Days of Christmas and the other three picked Jingle Bells. It was cute :)
As soon as I finished wrapping gifts, Jason helped me put them under the tree. It was funny as each kid tried guessing what their gift was :)
Because it's the weekend, the kids all slept out in the living room and watched a movie. :)
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A Perfect Day for a Ride Around

When my parents first arrived, the temperatures were dropping and cool. Sunday was rainy, cold, and windy. Monday and Tuesday were cold. Wednesday was warmer but not as nice as Thursday. Sunday, while the rain had stopped, we piled all up in our car and drove my parents down to the lake for them to see. On the way down, we pointed out our deer blinds :) Once we had gotten down close enough to the lake, we parked, got out, and walked the rest of the way down. It was chilly, but my parents thought the view was gorgeous. My mom still took a few pictures :)
Thursday was the nicest day of low 60's. I decided to take my parents across the ferry in Peel and drive around a bit before crossing back over. My mom is very nervous when it comes to things like that so of course my kids had to make teasing comments about the ferry!! ;) One of the things my mom wanted to do was to stand by the "Welcome to Arkansas" sign. When we were on the other side of the lake we end up crossing into Missouri. You saw the sign for Missouri as you entered their state, but we didn't see Arkansas'. As we turned around and drove back to the ferry, we spotted the Arkansas sign, but it was laying mostly flat on the mom still wanted a picture. We stopped, her and I got out, she sat down by the sign, and I took the picture! Ha!
Once we got back home, we had lunch. After lunch, Jason and I took my parents for a ride around the property with the mule and four-wheeler. My dad and mom took the mule with Jesse and I riding in the back so that I could explain what was what as we followed Jason on the four-wheeler. Joshua, Jessica, and Jacob rode along with Jason. We drove around showing them the basic property line, showing them the piece of property in which we would like to someday build on, showed them the old road that takes you down to the lake, and showed them Jason's brother's place and the house his brother is in the process of building.
After we got back to the house, we walked around the property up by the house, trailer, and barn. I showed my mom the barn and the kids showed my parents the chickens.
It was just a perfect day to be out. I was thankful for a nice day a day before my parents had to leave. :)
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Water Well Issues

Wednesday night after playing games until around 10:30 with my parents, Jason and I were getting ready for bed. I started up a load of wash before going to bed. A few minutes later, Jason used the sink and hardly any water was coming out of the sink. I checked the washer and saw that the water was just trickling out. Something wasn't right. Jason went outside and walked around the trailer and the barn to see if maybe a pipe broke and water was spewing out...nothing. There was no water in the barn. I went over to the house. No water in the house.
So Jason and I both went over to the well to lift off the roof/cover which was extremely heavy. Jason jumped down into the space and checked all the electrical. He couldn't hear the pump working so we feared the worst...a broken pump. To replace the pump, you would have to pull over 300 feet of pipe from the ground just to get to the pump and if you make just one mistake, a whole new well would need to be put in. That would be extremely expensive.
Jason went into the house, woke up his mom, and told her the news.
The next morning, Jason and I gathered as many buckets, coolers, and jugs as we could to go fill them up with water for flushing. Thankfully his brother Jon has a well and water. Jason took the car as I took the mule on down to his brother's place. After filling all the containers with water, we went back to the house and placed different containers by the front door, basement door for my parents, and by our trailer.
Doris made a phone call with the company who replaced the pump a year ago and was told to check the reset button. Reset button?? What?? Sure enough, there was a reset button under the electrical box! Apparently, when the people who had put in the new box, they installed it upside down leaving the reset button unexposed. Jason had no idea the button was there and didn't even see it. He ran over to the well and found the button, pushed it, and ,YAY, the pump started working!!!
This morning around 7:30, Jesse called us from the house to tell us that the water wasn't working again. Sure enough, it went out again! Jason and I went outside, he lifted the heavy roof as I quickly reached down in to find the reset button. Got it! Pump working again, but what was causing the button to pop?
After my parents left this morning to head back home, Jason got the tractor, took the roof off, and went inside the well area again to thoroughly check things over now that it was daylight unlike last time. He found the problem. One of the capacitor's prongs were loose and there was black burn markings.
Jason and I were planning on doing a little Christmas shopping today, so we picked up a new capacitor.
As soon as we got home, he put in the new capacitor. So far everything is working. For now, we'll be keeping the containers of water nearby in case it ended up to be something else. Hopefully not.
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Day in Branson and a Trip to Flippin

My parents are here this week and we have been enjoying our time with them. Jason and I were trying to think of things to do with my parents.
Sunday it rained and Monday was very cold.
Tuesday, Jessica had an eye appointment in Harrison and my mom needed to pick up the boys' Christmas gifts that she had pre-ordered and had shipped to the Walmart near us. So we all decided to go and make a day of it. After Jessica's eye appointment and picking up the boys' gift, we all drove out to Branson. Just one of those things for my parents to say, "We've been to Branson" :)
I decided to take them to Branson's Landing where Doris had taken me when we were searching for shoes. It's like an outdoor mall, pretty neat. The weather was a little cool, but the sun made it just right. We enjoyed walking down the strip and stopping in a few stores to either browse or buy a few little things here and there. At the end of the strip was a smaller version of Bass Pro Shop, so we stopped on in for a bit. We decided to skip going to Springfield to the bigger one.
My parents treated us all out to lunch at Subway which was a real treat for us!
After we finished, we headed back home so that my mom could wrap the presents so they could then be opened a few minutes later :) We had the kids open presents from my parents and Jason and I even got a few :)
Later that night we played some games.
The next morning, I had to go in to Yellville to return a few movies and a book to the library and of course stop at Walmart in Flippin to get some ink for the printer and do a little Christmas shopping. My mom wanted to go along in hopes of getting a picture of the Flippin Police ;) At Walmart, my mom found a shirt that had a picture of flip flops on the front and the town's name "Flippin" and on the back it said, "I vacationed in the Ozarks and all I got was this flippin shirt"...ha ha ha!!
My mom was bummed not to have gotten a picture of the Flippin Police :). So that was our little trips out and about for the week :)
I'll blog more later about the rest of the week.
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Monday, December 10, 2012


We had played Rummikub once when we were at Mike and Karma's and thought it was a pretty fun game.
My parents brought down their game and Joshua, Jessica, and Jacob have picked up quickly on how to play.
Jacob wants to play all the time now seeing that he knows how to play :)
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Mexican French Toast Rolls

The other evening, Jason and I were watching the CreateTV channel and Pati's Mexican Kitchen came on once again. She had her sister on the show this time and they made pound cake and some French toast rolls.
Jason had the try them the next night, so he and two of the kids made some...they were pretty good :)
This morning I had made some for everyone else to try...yum!
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Apple Wood

I think we may have found the source to my tingling, swelling, burning lips/mouth.
A few weeks ago, I was telling my sister-in-law about my situation and thinking it was due to the venison that we just made. She was telling me that she had the same reaction when she ate food smoked in apple wood. I never mentioned what we smoked our venison in, but most of it was smoked with hickory wood chips and all of the summer sausage was smoked in apple wood and I was eating a lot of the summer sausage over Thanksgiving!
For the last few weeks, we've been trying to see if that was the problem, but my mouth wasn't healed yet so it was hard to see if that was the problem until yesterday.
My mouth finally was healed and I already forgot about the venison. My parents came down on Saturday for the week. So yesterday with lunch, I cut up some summer sausage for them to try with crackers. A half hour later, my mouth, tongue, and lips were tingly and my lips were swelling! It must be it!
Last week I read up on allergy reactions to apples and it mentioned all the reactions that I was experiencing. Crazy!
Or maybe I am just a hypercondriact :)
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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cake Pop Snowmen

The other day, I had gone grocery shopping at Aldi. I had seen that they were selling cake pop kits. I thought it would be a fun cooking/crafty thing to do with the kids.
Let's just say that this will be the first and last time I make them!! It turned out to be a longer project than expected, but in the end, the kids had fun making and decorating them...and they tasted pretty good :)

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Making Christmas Cards

Yesterday, my parents had came down to visit us for a week. Its so nice to see them again!
Today was a rainy day, so my mom, Jessica, Joshua, Jacob, and I had made Christmas cards...ok, just one, but we're hoping to make more this week :)

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Caroling

Today the kids and I had an opportunity to sing Christmas carols, with the homeschool group that we are apart of, at a nursing home in Yellville.
The kids enjoyed going from the dining hall to hallways singing familiar Christmas songs. During our first stop, the dining room, we sang a few songs. One little boy from our group, only seven years old, had pulled out his guitar to play AND sing two carols. Oh my goodness!! Such talent!! I see him as a future worship leader and beyond! Not only did he play well, he had a good voice as well. :)
The only thing I wish we had done was to have spent more time with the men and ladies. They really enjoyed us coming and hearing us all sing. It kind of brought back fond memories of working at Shepherds. My heart was being pulled today...sure miss working with the residents.
I was thankful for the opportunity to be a blessing to others today and to teach my kids the importance of giving of themselves to minister to others.
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