Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Birthday!!!

Monday was my 35th birthday!!  Yikes!!  That's only 5 years away from 40!!
I was most definitely spoiled! :)
Last Friday, I went into Harrison to get a new phone for my birthday.  I qualified for an upgrade and rebate.  I ended up getting a Razor Android and LOVE it!! 
On Sunday, Jason grilled us all some steaks that his mom bought for us for my birthday.
Monday, we took the day off of I could enjoy playing with my new phone!!  Hahaha!   I made lasagna for supper...yum!  That evening, we went over to the house for carrot cake that Doris made and ice cream.  Then I opened presents!  From my sister-in-law, she got me coffee, creamer, and some instant cappuccino!  From Bill and Doris, I had gotten chocolate and $50 towards a haircut.
Tuesday, Jessica and I went to get our haircut. Later that day, Doris came over to give me another gift that her and Jessica had ordered for me from apron :) I've been wanting an apron for a long time seeing that I am constantly ruining my clothes when cooking!
With the extra birthday money, I am hoping to buy an A//A T-shirt and drop cards. I am wanting a shirt that will get the message across for when I do my 5k in April :)
I had a wonderful birthday as I was also showered with many birthday wishes on Facebook or by phone call, but most importantly, I was surrounded by those whom I love!! I am thankful for the many blessings that God has given me!!

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Quick Run Down

I know, I'm a blogging slacker! We've been busy, but I don't ever feel like sitting down to blog about it.
So here's a quick run down of the month.
At the beginning of the month was Doris' birthday. Jason's bother and family came to celebrate. They also surprised everyone by bringing their new puppy!
Jason and his brother quickly tried to teach all 8 kids how to sing Happy Birthday in German to Doris. If it wasn't for the tune, Doris wouldn't would have known what they were singing...haha :)
I started a couch to 5k program. My sister-in-law wants to join a 5k with me and found one for us to join the day before Easter.
Jason's been busy with school. He's frustrated with his English class. Writing weekly papers is not his thing. He was relieved to find out that English is not a major subject that will effect him from getting into the nursing program. Please pray for him.
Jason and I have been cutting down trees on the weekends or on Tuesdays. I just enjoy being outside :)
Jessica finished her scarf that she started knitting in December. Doris taught her how to knit. She did a wonderful job and is now working on making a pink one :)
Jesse is constantly complaining of being "bored" so I told him to build a fort, so for a few days all the kids worked on building the fort and so far they have done a good job!
Last week, the kids had made Valentine cards for Grandpa and Grandma and Jason and I. They sure had a lot of fun making them with my stamping stuff.
On the 13th, Doris had surgery on her knee. I took her in that afternoon. She had two ligaments that needed to be repaired. She's been in such pain since last fall, so hopefully this surgery is what she truly needed. The doctor said she had one ligament that was twisted.
She's been recovering real well!
Jason had gotten me a heart box of chocolate for Valentine's Day. He's not helping my diet ;) I had gotten him a new hat and Reese's Peanut Butter hearts...his favorite candy.
Sunday was a beautiful day, so after church I took the kids to the marina to play at the little playground. As the afternoon turned to evening and I was preparing supper, I realized that my wedding ring was missing! I searched everywhere in the house, car, back at the marina, in the woods (I peeled potatoes into the sink and then tossed the peelings outside into the woods, thinking maybe my ring fell off then, I checked through the peelings). Nothing!! Nowhere!! I have no idea where it could be :/ For now, I am wearing a ring that Jason had gotten me when we were first married. It's not the same :( I miss my wedding ring...
Yesterday, we had gotten together with the homeschool group and met at the conservatory in Yellville. The kids had a lot of fun! They learned about opossums. Only in America they are called opossums, but everywhere else around the world, they're called possums :) We learned a little history on Arkansas as well.
This morning we woke up to, well, not snow, but ice. We had an ice storm. Today is rained, sleeted, and snowed! It was just enough for the kids to go sledding for the first time this season! Jason pulled down the sleds from in the barn and the kids went sledding down the driveway. They had a ton of fun today!
Jason had no school today or does he have any tomorrow due to the ice storm, so tomorrow we're going to cut down another tree. :)
Next Monday is my birthday and because we knew of this ice storm coming, Jason's mom went to the store yesterday and surprised me with a small carrot cake and steaks for Jason to grill for me :) For my birthday, I'm getting a new phone. I qualify for a free upgrade and after calling our phone provider, I also qualify for a free phone...even better!
Well, that pretty much sums up this last month or so :) I will try and post more often :)
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