Saturday, April 6, 2013

Down at the Lake

This afternoon, Jason and I had gone fishing. It was so windy out that we suggested to the kids that they just stay home and play or help Grandma if she needed any help outside with any yard work.
Jason and I fought absolutely nothing!! But we had fun enjoying each others company :)
We came back home and of course the wind died down. So Jason decided that we all go down to the lake to have a campfire and roast marshmallows. We packed up a few things and then drove down to the lake. The kids helped gather sticks as Jason began building the fire. Jason made himself a hotdog while the kids roasted marshmallows. While they were roasting their marshmallows, I noticed the beautiful clouds that from the sunset. The kids thought they were pretty. I left my phone up at the house, so I borrow Jason's phone and then texted myself the pictures so I could post them on Facebook :) Its a little blurry, but you get the idea.
A perfect way to end the night!

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

An Easter Production

We decided not to go to church on Sunday. It was such a busy, short weekend, that we just wanted to stay home.
Jason and Mike decided that the kids should put on an Easter Production. So all the kids went downstairs to practice. The older girls helped put the script together. Rebecca was the narrator, Carissa and Jesse were the soldiers, Joshua was Jesus, Abby and Jessica were the two Mary's, Jed was the Angel, and Jacob was Peter. Jesse had a hard time having to be a soldier because he didn't want to whip Jesus and nail Him to the cross.
While Jesus was hanging on the cross, the kids had a song to sing..."You Are My All in All". Then they finished their play by placing Jesus in the tomb and the two Mary's coming to the tomb to find it empty.
The kids did a wonderful job!! It brought tears to my eyes as I was once again reminded of what Christ had done for me. It was a very special Easter morning.

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Coloring Eggs and the Hunt

Saturday evening, we celebrated Abby's birthday by making home made pizza and having cake and ice cream. After dessert, we colored eggs for Easter. About 6 dozen eggs were colored!! The kids had fun making different colored eggs.
Sunday it rained in the morning, so we decided to wait until the afternoon. Between plastic and real eggs, almost 200 eggs were hidden by Mike and Jason. Upon Jacob's request, they made it more challenging than last year. All but two real eggs were found :)

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Another Race :)

Saturday afternoon, the kids decided to have their own race :) They had to run down the driveway to their Uncle Jon and Aunt Laurie's gate and back....about a mile. They all lined up and Mike said "Go!"
Rebecca finished first, then Carissa, then Joshua, then Jacob, then Jessica, and then Jed. Jesse felt bad for being last, so he quit. I talked with him and encouraged him that once he starts something, he should always finish even if you finish last. At least you accomplished the race. I encouraged him to not give up :)
In the end, the kids had fun and ended up racing again but this time around the circle. :)

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My First 5k Race!!

Last Saturday was the 5k race in Harrison. All money went to the children's hospital. I have been training for this for two months. Last Tuesday, I jogged 3.1 miles straight, so I knew I was ready physically. Karma and I both signed up for the race a few weeks ago and now the day was finally here! The kids all made signs to hold while cheering us on. Not sure if "Get moving or you're fired" or "Put down that coffee and keep running" were really encouraging, but they had fun :)
We left at 7:30 in the morning on Saturday. Two car loads of our "cheering crowd" in tow. The race was at Jason's school. There was a bouncy castle and an air obstacle course for the kids to play on. After getting wrist bands for the kids, they were off playing.
While Karma and I waited for the race to start, we looked at the course on a display map. I began to feel slightly overwhelmed by the size and how hilly the course was.
It was now time to get lined up. First were the "serious" runners who were serious about how fast they finished...not my category. Next were the runners who were there for "the heck of it"....that was Karma and I :) Then were the walkers. I was expecting a trail or a path, maybe a gravel trail...nope, just pink flags for the outline and grass. It was like running around in your backyard. So we line up, I have my headphones in and Toby Mac on, and I look to the right and there was our fan crowd cheering for us and then....GO!!!
At first Karma and I took off at a quicker pace and we were doing great. The terrain felt different. We went down our first hill and we were at a great pace....then our first hill. It wasn't like here...a quick hard hill up and It was a long gradual incline...a killer!! Mentally, I began to shut down...not good. I stopped. Karma, aka Jillian Michaels, kept pushing me to keep going. I'd start again, we'd get to the top of the hill, go down the hill, then another killer hill. Halfway up the next, I again stopped. Jillian kept "yelling" at me!! Lol!! I felt defeated and felt like I was holding Karma back. I kept telling her to go ahead and just finish. I felt like quitting but she kept pushing. I felt like a failure, but she kept pushing me, pulling me, dragging me, and encouraging me. We ran the course twice and each time I stopped, Karma kept pushing to keep going. We finally came close to the finish line. I was pooped, but still had just a little left in me, so to be funny, I took off and passed Karma so I could finish before her :) She was like, "HEY!!" Hahaha!!
A few weeks ago, Karma said she was going to run a little faster and I said that was fine and that I would just be listening to my music. The night before the race, she changed her mind and said that she wanted to run with me instead. I was glad, because when we ran together a few weeks ago, she was very encouraging as we ran together. So I was looking forward to her encouragement, little did I know she'd turn into a Jillian Michaels on me!!! Haha!! I was very thankful that she ran with me.
After the race, we hung around because they said they were doing raffle drawings for prizes and then doing the awards. Sadly, we didn't win any prizes. They then handed out the medals and trophies. They handed out medals to the first and second place winners within their age group and then trophies to the all time fastest runners. When my age group was next to be announced, I was SHOCKED to hear my name being called for the second place WINNER in the 30-40 age group!!! I was shocked and felt bad that I took off ahead of Karma at the very end!! I thought for sure we didn't have a chance with all the stops I made. Karma deserved the medal. We just laughed. She was just thankful to have been able to run with me to encourage me along the whole race....and she enjoyed yelling at me too ;)
I still feel like a failure for giving up in my mind. My goal was to run the whole thing without stopping. But being unfamiliar with the trail and seeing the hills, I mentally shut down. I am thankful that I did have Karma there to help me finish the race. I have never done anything like that before, so I felt a little proud for accomplishing something new. Karma already has the next race planned, but she wants to run....well, by herself!! I wonder why ;)
Overall, it was a fun experience and if I do run another 5k, I need to prepare myself mentally.

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