Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend!!

Memorial Day weekend was nonstop action!! Friday night, Mike and Karma and their family arrived along with Anas and his friend Mohammad. Anas is from Saudi Arabia and has been living with Mike and Karma while he attended a local college. He came and visited earlier this year and loved it, so he brought a friend this time :)
That night we taught Mohammad a card game. Anas's English has greatly improved since first meeting him in October. He also is much more relaxed and comfortable around everyone.
Saturday morning, Jason's other brother, Dave, arrived from Wisconsin for the week. Later that morning, the kids wanted to set up a tent down at the lake and to sleep in. Jason and I had gone down to see if they needed any help. They were doing a great job but needed a little help. After the the tent was set up, the rest of the day was spent playing games or driving the mule showing Mohammad around. In the afternoon, Dave sent the kids on a hunt for the popcicle tree that he "planted" 5 years ago :) All but Jesse went...guess he didn't want to play along. The kids proudly came back with their popcicles they found hanging in a tree :)
Later that day, Jed was feeling sick, then Abby, and then Mike. Then the throwing up came. It was not a fun day for them. :(
Saturday night, the kids talked Anas and Mohammad into camping down at the lake with them and had set up another tent for the guys. We took the kids and the guys on down to the lake later that night. They were excited to play all the board and card games they brought down. Abby and Jed stayed back.
Around 10pm, Jason and I decided to walk down with the coyote call and scare the kids....he he he! At first it made them nervous, then we heard our kids yell, " Dad! We know it's you!! We've heard the call before!!" But that didn't stop Jason from still sneaking up closer and scaring the kids :) Of course they all said they weren't scared, but we know we scared them seeing that's all they've been talking about!
Sunday we decided to stay home due to some bug going around. Mike and the two kids were finally feeling much better. Again, the day was spent playing outside, swimming, jumping on the trampoline, playing games, having a fire and s'mores. The night ended with a firework display down at the lake. It was Anas and Mohammad's last night there. Anas was moving out and was transferring to another college so he could further his degree. Karma found another Christian family who would house Anas! Praise God that he will continue to hear the Gospel!
That night, less kids wanted to stay down at the lake to sleep...there were a few more unsettled stomachs and a few that were "not" scared ;)
Monday was Jason's 39th birthday!! I made him a homemade cheesecake for the very first time and it turned out to be really good!! Jason liked it a lot, and that's what mattered the most :)
Tuesday morning, Mike and Karma left. We swapped two kids. They took Jessica and Jacob and left their older two, Carissa and Rebecca. It works out perfect for their ages and they all have been enjoying themselves.
That evening I went to Dollar General to pick up a few things and in my way back, I ran over a 3 foot snake in the driveway!! I didn't know what it was until after I ran over it and saw in my mirror it moving! I got out, took a picture of course, and then tried to kill it...I failed.
Yesterday, the kids talked Dave into taking them to Dollar General so they could buy a slip n' slide. We tried talking them out of it due to the rocky terrain, but to no avail, they were persistent. Dave took them, and on their way back, they spotted another snake in the driveway!! Dave burned rubber over the snake!! Lol! The kids came and got me and we all went running down to see the snake. Dave brought it back up to the house, dead (thankfully), and held it up next to him. It was 5 feet long!! Crazy!!
The kids set up the slip n' slide and played on it for 5 minutes. Joshua, my instigator, ran past Dave with a cold bucket of water and dumped it on his head!!!! Then a massive water fight broke out which was pretty hilarious. It went from everyone being soaked, to dish soap squeezed on top of heads, to wet kids dumped in the sandbox :) Jason joined in to help his brother. Fun memories :)
This morning, I talked with Karma and Jacob and Jessica were throwing up :( Tomorrow they all come back after Karma drops Mike off at the airport for a business trip.
Jason and Dave went fishing again this morning and did real well. They caught two nice walleye and two catfish. Yikes! I never tried catfish....we'll see how it tastes.
Right now, I'm sitting on the beach. I took the kids to the marina for a change to swim. Storm clouds are rolling in and I hear thunder in the distance. We're suppose to get severe thunderstorms this afternoon.
I guess we better head back in...
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Memorial Day Weekend!

Jason helping the kids set up a tent down at the lake.

Anas showing off his ring neck snake he caught

The kids found the popcicle tree that Uncle Dave "planted"5 years ago :)

The snapping turtle the kids spotted as we drove down to the lake

About a 3 foot snake I found in the driveway coming back from the store

A 5 foot snake Dave spotted in the driveway as he came back from the store

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

He Wanted Me to Do Whaaat??

Yesterday evening, Jason decided to go fishing. We've had such crazy weather that even the fish are thrown off. By now they already spawned and your catching them like crazy, but due to the crazy hot then cold weather and now finally hot weather, they are finally spawning. We've fished in all his favorite spots in which he would catch walleye...nothin'.
Last night he caught a sheepshead (don't ask me, I have no clue) that was over 35 inches!! Jason said they are so nasty and ugly looking that he gladly threw it back! The bluegills kept stealing his worms, and then finally, he caught a Walleye!! He didn't have anything to keep the fish in, so for the moment he had it hooked on one of those chain hooks and had it swim in the water along side of the boat.
I was at home losing to Candy Crush, when he called at 11pm asking me if I'd be willing to walk down to the lake with a bucket for him to put the fish in. What?? Do you know how dark it is? Do you know what kind of critters are in the woods and he wanted ME to walk all the way down to the myself??? I'm typically not a wimp...well at least I think :) But last month, when Jason and I walked down to the lake in the dark...with an unreliable flashlight...we were almost to the other path that takes us to the lake from off the gravel road, when we heard some rustling in the woods only so many feet away from us. Jason was covered, he brought his pistol, but he suggested that I grab a stick for myself. I pick one up and he says, "No, bigger!" There is a campfire pit down near the lake, so I saw that his brother Jon had a yard rake leaning up against a tree, so I grabbed it! We quickly, but cautiously, walked down the path towards the lake as the rustling noise to the left of us grew louder! Whew! We made it down to the lake! We were down there for a little while looking to see if we could spot any fish. The flashlight died. What? I said to Jason, "You better not be messin' with me!!" He said, "I'm not, it just went out and I don't know why". He smacked it a little and it came back on. A few minutes later it went out again! He got it working again and I said, "Let's go before it goes out while we're walking back up, a mountain lion or bear will attack us and we won't be able to see and I'll accidentally smack you with the rake and you'll accidentally shoot me!!" We finally left.
NOW, imagine a little bit of how I felt when he asked ME to go down to the lake by myself!! Stupid me said, "That's fine, I can bring you down a bucket" trying not to show my fear. So I grabbed two, not one, but TWO flashlights and got the bucket. I figured I could beat with the bucket or flashlight whatever animal came lurking out of the woods!! Just my luck, one of the flashlights died out on me right away, but I figured I could use it a "weapon"...haha...I'm such a dork :)
I start walking down....wait, walk? Um no, ran! I start running down the gravel road, then I'd get a bit tired and would walk...then run again. Whew!! I made it!! I was overheated and my adrenaline was a pumpin'. I could see Jason a little ways off as he was trolling towards me.
He finally reached me and I tossed him the bucket. He asked if I wanted to come, YEEAAH! I really didn't want to walk back up and it WOULD have been more of a walk because it's a bit difficult to run uphill. So he came ashore so I could climb into the boat.
It was boring because I was tired and really just wanted to go to bed, plus Jason wasn't catching anything and I wasn't fishing because I didn't have my license on me. We finally started heading back to the marina and had gotten home at 1am. As we went to park in the driveway, we saw a opossum near the barn. Jason quickly but quietly got out of the car and went to go get his pellet gun. We followed the opossum just a bit and spotted him. Jason took a shot and missed :(
We finally went to bed at 2!!
I was ever so blessed by Jesse's presence at 7am sharp with a "tap tap tap" on my shoulder asking, "Were you still gonna make pancakes for breakfast?" Ugh..."yes". I told him he needs to start making them so I don't have too!! :)
Jason is going to endure the torture of catching no fish again today. Hopefully he catches something. I'm craving a fish dinner!! :)
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Mother's Day Breakfast!

The kids making me breakfast in bed, blueberry muffins....this is somewhat of what I heard:
"Ok, we need a bowl."
"What temperature do I set it at?"
"We need a tablespoon, the one that has four letters on it. 3 tablespoons or 9 teaspoons, ha!"
"We need to put the water in first."
"It doesn't matter which order you put it in."
"Ah! You got a shell in there!"
"No I didn't!"
"Did you toot?"
"I need the small mixer (wisp)"
"I need a strainer."
"You don't need a strainer, mom doesn't use one."
"Look at that! We had just enough cup holders!"
"You sneezed all over the pan and muffins!!"
"Now you hurt his feelings."
"Mom, says it will be OK because the oven will kill the germs"
"We are 75% done!"
"Oh no! I forgot to turn the oven on!"
"Almost done."
"I want this to be the best Mother's Day!"

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Our New Pet....Yeah Right!

This morning Jacob and I went to the post office. On our way back, I spotted a turtle in the driveway and showed Jacob and had him bring it back to the house to show the others :) A minute or two after Jacob put him down, he took off! But they caught him again before letting him go into the woods :)

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Hairy Pits and a Voice in the Process of Changing

Yesterday, while in the garden, Jessica whispers to me, "Mom, did you know that Jesse has hair in his arm pits?" I said, "How do you know?" "Because he showed us last night." So of course I had Jesse show me...haha!!
For the last few weeks, we've noticed Jesse's voice cracking every now and then :)
The many changes when you grow up :)

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

I'm Such a Blog Slacker!

I know all you faithful fan readers have been anxiously awaiting my next here it is :)
Um...I've been slacking in the exercising After that 5k race I really didn't have a goal to work towards so I slacked.
We've been busy with school, dentist appointments, fishing, gardening, and whatever else. We have two and a half weeks left of school...YAY!!! We've been doing two lessons a day so we can get done. Jason is done next week!!
Jason and I have been doing some fishing in hopes of catching Walleye, but no luck yet. We've seen lots of white bass, carp, and gar.
Last weekend, Jesse went to a Disciple Now event with the youth from church. It was his first time being away from home that was not family. It was a tough decision for Jason and I yet we knew we can't shelter him forever. So we let him go and he had a lot of fun! His favorite part The Amazing Race around Harrison :) They came back Sunday after church and I noticed he stunk. I asked him if he put any deodorant on. He proudly said, " Not all weekend!" ....boys...
Last week when I went into the post office, Tami asked if I would be interested in a cleaning job and handed me a phone number. I called and the lady was to call me this week to let me know what day would work best. She hasn't called yet :/ I also called the campsite that's down the road to see if they needed help with cleaning cabins for the summer...they said to call back in a few weeks, but after talking to Tami, she said the owner sounded excited that I had we'll see.
Tuesday, Jason tilled the other part of the garden so we could plant corn. So far Jason's mom has planted tomatoes, broccoli, green beans, and cucumbers with Jessica's help :) While we were planting, Hunter ran off and was gone for about 8 hours. We didn't notice that he was missing until we decided to go down to the lake to let the kids swim. We searched and searched...nothing...he was gone. As I was sitting down around 9pm to make up a Missing Dog poster, I heard the flapping sound of his ears as he shook his head outside the front door :) He was soaking wet! So apparently he went across the lake.
Next week, the kids and I will be going to Springfield, MO with the home school group. We're going to the KY3 news station :) Then we'll be going to a Discovery museum and the kids will be able to do some hands on lab work.
I have poison ivy, once again. I think it came from the dog. It started on my left arm and the only thing we can think of is when I sit down on the couch, Hunter sits next to me and my arm touches him. So I've been trying to keep that under control so I don't end up at the doctor again...I think I'm all good though. I also found a tick behind my knee, but thankfully it never became infected!! Praise God!!
So that's the "Happenings" in the Rascal family :)

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