Saturday, June 15, 2013

Poor Boy :(

Last night, we had another campfire. It was such a perfect night. Lately, it's been so hot and unbearable to even have a fire in the evenings, so last night was perfect with a slight cool breeze.
I've stocked up on stuff for making s'mores seeing that you can't have a fire without making at least a s'more or two :)
Everyone who wanted a s'more made theirs and I was about to make mine when we heard Hunter "yip" and sneeze. I turned to the right and saw him going after something and sneezing every time. I said to Jason, "Something's over there." Jesse went and got us a flashlight and we saw that it was a copperhead, a small one, but still. I quickly yet carefully went to the garage to get a shovel for Jason so he could kill the snake. I gave Jason the shovel and he whacked it and killed it then threw it in the fire.
I should have given Hunter a benedryl right away before he became too sore and swollen :( We put him in the trailer and Jesse stayed right along with him.
I finished making my s'more...opposite side of the snake :) The kids were anxious to just be done and go inside as they sat on their chairs with their feet up :)
By the time we came back in, Hunter's nose had gotten more swollen and he was sore.
This morning, he was still swollen but he had more spunk in him today. He even went for a walk with me like he usually does.
He'll survive. We were thankful in some ways, that it was Hunter who got bit and not one of the kids, considering how close the snake was to us. It was definitely a good reminder to always have a flashlight with when going outside in the dark!! Especially since the kids wear sandals!!

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Working, Gardening, and Lots of Swimming!!

Life has been so busy that I don't know where to begin. Jason is constantly doing small odd jobs for his parents or going fishing.
Just recently, I had picked up two jobs. The first job I picked up, is cleaning for an elderly couple who lives down the road from us. I've only cleaned there twice due to her husband and daughter having health problems and them having constant doctor appointments. The second job I picked up is just for the summer, but I clean cabins at a little resort that is 5 minutes down the road from us. I truly have enjoyed being able to do something different. The owners are not believers. Robin, one of the owners, cleans right along with us. She cleans the bathrooms while another lady cleans the kitchen. I make the beds, dust, and vacuum. I've gotten a chance to get to know a young lady who would like to homeschool as well. We've talked about church and homeschooling. I pray that Christ will shine through me during this summer at this resort. I pray that God will give me the words to speak.
The garden! The garden is doing far...knock on wood. We've been picking radishes like crazy and I am really the only one who likes them...Doris has taken a few too. Doris has been picking her broccoli and just yesterday she picked a few green beans. I am looking forward to the squash, corn, tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, peppers, and more beans!! Last week or so, we planted pumpkins and they're already sprouting up. Hopefully the heat doesn't kill everything.
Last week, we took the kids into town and bought a knee board and a tube for pulling behind our boat. We only have a 20hp but it is just fast enough for the kids. They love it!
It's been so hot that we've been pretty much swimming everyday! Jason just now took the kids out to go tubing again. :) I am so thankful for that his parents live on the lake!
Our summer will pretty much look like this and with a few visits from family every now and then :)

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