Thursday, November 14, 2013

Patience Finally Pays Off..and A Little Corn Helps

  Last weekend was the opening of gun season.  Here in Arkansas, gun season is for 3 weeks verses Wisconsin which is only the week of Thanksgiving.  A few weeks ago, there was a week of black powder gun season in which both Jason and I had gotten our does!!  Now we were wanting to get our bucks!!  Over the weekend, the weather was warm and deer move around more in the cold so we didn't see much activity.    I took Jessica with me Saturday morning and afternoon in hopes of seeing a deer for her to get a chance to shoot, but we saw nothing :(
Sunday morning, I had gone hunting by myself.  Let me tell ya....walking alone in the woods and in the dark can give ya the creeps!!  I just wanted to hurry up and get into my spot and hope that daylight comes quickly!!  It's different when Jason goes with.  He may not be in the same spot as me, but at least I know he is down in the woods as well, and for some strange reason, that gives me a comforting feeling.  Even if Jessica is along with me, I don't feel so frightened.  Hunting alone makes me nervous!
  I had gone hunting again Monday night, and nothing.  Over night, the temperature changed to cooler weather!  So I went again Tuesday morning...nothing.  Jason and I had checked the cameras and put out some more corn in the early afternoon.  We both decided to go out again that late afternoon to hunt and we both sat in different blinds.  To kill time, I played Candy Crush...crazy addicting game!  The four days that we had already hunted, I would pray that God would send the deer our way.  That may sound silly, but I know that God cares for even the littlest of our needs :)  As I sat there praying again that God would send me a buck, I glanced up and there he was walking towards the corn!  My heart raced with excitement and adrenaline...a buck!!  I was already in position and had my gun up and ready to shoot.  I didn't waste time because he was in such a perfect position for me to shoot.  And "BOOM!!"  YES!!  Thank you, God!!  I was pumped!!  I waited a whole 2 minutes before I got up to go look for the blood trail...ha!  I know you should wait longer to avoid the risk of making the deer run farther in case it wasn't a good shot.  As I began following the blood trail, I heard a "Thud".  A few minutes later, I found him!!  A 5 point buck!!  AND I got a buck before Jason!!!  Hehehe ;)
  It's been tormenting Jason that I had gotten a buck before him, so he has been still going out in hopes of getting a BIGGER buck :)  He saw one tonight, but knew it was about the same size as mine and, of course, he wants to get a bigger one :)  Hopefully, he'll get his "bigger" buck this weekend.
  I am hoping to take Jessica out this weekend in hopes that she will get her first deer!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Having Fun in the Leaves!!

The other day, the kids raked a huge pile of leaves!  Jason's mom had helped by using her leave blower to blow leaves onto their pile.  She then let Joshua use the leave blower to "gather" more leaves :)  The pile was huge!  
All day yesterday, the kids played outside in their leaf pile.  Around noon, Jason and I looked out the window to see that Jesse was making a "dummy" by stuffing leaves into a pair of pants and sweatshirt and trying to stand it up by the wheel barrow making it look like someone was pushing the wheel barrow.  Of course, now the other three kids wanted to join in :)  They sure have been having a lot of fun!!

Which ones are the kids??

The "hospital"

Jason's mom calls them "The Walmart People" 

True Bug and Moth

We are continually coming across such interesting bugs and critters!!  God is so AMAZING with each design!!  He is so creative and wise!!  Each one has been created with a purpose :)

A true bug (stink bug) I found when I took Jessica hunting

A polyphemus caterpillar that Jesse found when raking leaves

Happy 12th Birthday, Joshua!!

It is hard to believe how fast the kids are growing up!!  Last Wednesday, we celebrated Joshua's 12th birthday!!  The day began...well, very early!!  Joshua woke up at 6am ready to open presents, but he had to find them first :)  Jessica and Jacob helped me put together a scavenger hunt of 12 clues for Joshua.  I had plans of doing it outside, but it had been rainy outside and the kids haven't been feeling the greatest, so we kept the hunt indoors of our two bedroom trailer...we had plenty of places for clues ;)
After the scavenger hunt and opening presents, I finally got up out of bed to make blueberry muffins that Joshua had asked to have for his birthday breakfast.  I usually just do a special birthday supper, but decided to do all three meals...not sure what I was thinking!!
Another privilege to homeschooling is that we take the day off on birthdays!!
For lunch, Joshua wanted to have homemade pizzas.  I tried to make it somewhat simple and ended up buying premade crusts instead of making homemade crust.  And for supper, I made homemade chicken and dumpling soup and homemade bread...yum!  Finally, for dessert, I made mint bars.  Whew!!  I felt as though I was in the kitchen ALL day....oh yeah, I WAS!!  Ha!!  
We are so blessed and thankful that God had trusted us to be Joshua's parents.  He has been such an added blessing to our family.  He is our competitive, witty, kind-hearted, lovable boy!!  We love you!!

Carving Pumpkins and Trick or Treating

Getting ready to carve!


Trick or Treating in Bentonville with cousins

Visiting the Fire Station

Sugar Rush!!

Coffee time with my sister-in-law, Karma!