Friday, January 10, 2014

A Very Busy Three Weeks!

These last three weeks have flown by fast, but I am ready to begin school and to get back into a routine!
The kids started their Christmas break the Friday before Christmas. We took Friday off so we could go cut down several trees for the neighbor. It was such a whirlwind of a weekend once we also found out that we were expecting another baby!
On Saturday, we took the kids Christmas shopping. We had the kids draw names for their cousins that were coming the day after Christmas and had them draw names for each other. They were excited to get gifts for each other and their cousins and then get the wrap them :)
Christmas Eve Jason's mom likes to make her big Christmas meal so on Christmas she can just enjoy the day and relax. Christmas morning Jason read the from the Bible about the birth of our Savior and then had the kids open their Bibles that we had ordered for them with the Christmas money that Jason's parents had given us for the kids. Over the summer I had cleaned cabins and saved up some money to get season pass tickets to Silver Dollar City in Branson for next season. That was our gift to the kids and they can't wait until opening day!! After we opened gifts, we walked over to Jason's parents house so the kids could give them their presents. It was just a nice relaxing day :)
The day after Christmas, Jason's brother, Mike, and his family came to stay for the rest of the week. All the kids had fun exchanging gifts they had gotten for each other. The week was filled with making graham cracker houses, playing games indoor and out, playing on the Wii, the adults staying up until midnight every night playing games and everything else in between. Jason and I also worked on making more venison sticks and smoking them. We still have a bunch more to make!
That following Monday, we made plans of heading out with Mike and Karma to stay the week with them for New Years. That was fun as well. We ended up going over to Mike and Karma's friends' house for New Years and enjoyed fellowshipping with different families. The kids had a blast playing with new and familiar kids.
On Thursday, we all went to Krispie Creams to let the kids watch how some of their doughnuts are made and to get their free doughnut. Jason and I ended up going over to the GoodWill to look for maternity clothes and ideas able to find three pants and one pair of shorts. I need more shorts and definitely some shirts.
Thursday evening, we had a big turkey dinner and Mike and Karma invited Zeke and his family over for dinner as well. Zeke and his little boy came out to our house during hunting season in hopes of getting a deer but he never did :( They are a fun family :) We enjoyed playing games and just talking.
Friday afternoon we left to head back home. My parents were coming that evening to stay for the week!!
My parents arrived Friday evening to similar cold weather that they were having up in Wisconsin! Well...minus the wind chills of -50! I wish the week was warmer while they were here. We just felt, well I did, cooped up. It would have been nice to go outside or go somewhere. It had snowed a little and we had freezing rain, which then caused the end of the driveway to turn into solid we were stuck. But we had fun teaching my parents new games in which they enjoyed.
I was hoping to do a little decorating while my mom was here, but as we pulled out what I had, I realized that I didn't have much decorations to decorate with :/ Oh well...whatever stuff I did have, we hung.
This morning my parents left to head back home and we were thankful they made it out of the driveway safely!
It was a fun busy three weeks, but I am happy to get back into our routine!! :)
Hope everyone had a nice Christmas and New Year!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

An Early Christmas Surprise

The weekend before Christmas, we found out that we are expecting!!!  It has been a complete shock for us all seeing that we were not planning on having anymore kids.  Our youngest just turned 7 three days after Christmas!  So yes, this was not planned!  But God has a plan :)
The Saturday before Christmas, we had taken the kids to the store to let them spend some of their Christmas money they had graciously received from the neighbor for helping cut down trees the day before.  I told Jason the day before that I had a feeling that I might be pregnant.  When we had gotten to Walmart, I quickly went in first to get a few groceries for my mother-in-law while Jason and the kids waited in the car.  I ended up buying a pregnancy test as well, curiosity was eating at us both!  After I had gotten the groceries, I went out to the car, put the test in my purse, and we all went back into the store so the kids could do some shopping.  I told Jason that I would meet up with them later.  Yep, you got it, I took the test in Walmart!!  Haha!!!  Those 3 minutes of waiting seemed like an hour!  And then it showed up..."Pregnant".  I was filled with so many emotions.  Excitement, fear, joy, anxiety, you name it, I seemed to feel it.
I left the bathroom and headed to the toy isle to find Jason and the kids.  Jason looked at me and I just nodded.  I ended up going off to help the boys decide on what they wanted to buy while Jason stayed with Jessica.  He ended up telling Jessica first because it was one of her birthday requests!  Haha!  She didn't believe him at first until we had gotten out to the car and told the boys.  The boys, too, didn't believe us at first :)  The kids are really excited and, of course, Jessica wants a girl :)
For about four days, Jason shut down emotionally.  He was overwhelmed and stressed.  After finally talking with his mom and her reassuring him that everything will be OK and will work out and encouraging him to keep going with school, relief seemed to wash over him.
We ask that you keep us in prayer.  We know that God has a plan and He will provide for our needs.  Pray as we prepare for this new little one to arrive.  We are truly blessed!!

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