Friday, February 28, 2014

A Fun-filled Birthday!

Tuesday was my 36th birthday!!  The day was filled with many surprises!! 
First, it's a day of who needs to do school on special days?? :) We usually take the day off to celebrate birthdays, so of course the kids were excited to have the day off!!  Jason had plans of taking the kids in town to get me some flowers and cheesecake, but asked for me to come with.  He wanted to get me a new wedding band since I accidentally lost my original one last spring...I was so devastated when I lost it :(  So I was so excited to finally get a new ring!!  I am a simple, plain Jane.  I don't like bling, bling :) So I was perfectly happy getting just a band!!  The kids then picked out some flowers, but I had Jason go over and help once I saw them eying up the bright neon flowers!! Ha!  We then picked up some cheesecake that had a variety of flavors...yum!
My mother-in-law wanted to treat me out to Chinese for lunch, so we met her at the restaurant in town and Jason went home with the kids.  Lunch was delicious!!  We are the only two who love Chinese!!  So it was a special treat.  After lunch, Doris had wanted to stop at this little cafe that served lunch and dinner and yummy desserts!  She bought us both a delicious chocolate eclair!!  Super delicious!!
In the afternoon, my aunt and uncle from Wisconsin have been down here in Arkansas for a week and a half already and called to see if they could stop by.  It was so nice seeing them again!!  My aunt had also gotten me a little gift as well :)
The day ended with Jason and the kids singing Happy Birthday and eating cheesecake!!
I am so blessed to have family and friends who love me and for all those who wished me a Happy Birthday on Facebook or by text or by phone :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

My First Appointment!

Thursday, the 6th, was my first appointment!!  We planned on not having an ultrasound throughout the entire pregnancy, so when I had gone in, I only planned to hear the heartbeat.  Of course the first thing I had to do was to pee in a verify that I was pregnant...ha!  I'm sure for other things as well :) I then had the lovely privilege of answering a hundred questions by the assistance nurse.  Finally, the nurse came in and did some routine checks.  She mentioned that I felt more like 16-20 weeks instead of 11 weeks!!  So of course concerns of possibly having twins came to our attention and she suggested an ultrasound just to verify either one baby or two.  Of course our minds changed quickly, because if we were having twins, we needed to better prepare ourselves!!  Before I went into the ultrasound room, she let us hear our baby's heartbeat!!  167!!  The boys' heartbeats were all in the 150's and Jessica's was in the 160' maybe, just maybe it's a girl :)
We headed into the ultrasound room and I sat on the little table and laid down.  I was so thankful that Jason was able to come with me for my first appointment!!  The technician confirmed that there was only one baby and not two :)  I actually had my hopes up for two!  Seeing our baby for the first time was amazing!!  Just seeing how perfectly formed our baby is.  We think he/she was sucking their thumb :)  We were both overcome with emotions as we continued to watch the technician move all over my abdomen to see our baby to check for a more accurate due date.  All the while I was filled with great grief and pain.  As I watched our precious baby move around, I couldn't help but imagine how many other precious little babies are being dismembered everyday all in the name of "Choice".  My heart broke for all those babies who were murdered and all the ones about to be murdered.
Life is so precious!!  As I had mentioned already on Facebook, although this pregnancy has been a huge surprise for us, we are truly thankful and blessed for this little baby that is growing safely in my womb!!
I am due August 10th!! :)
Psalm 139:14
"I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well."

Saturday, February 1, 2014

My New Best Friend!!

Raspberry tea!!  Yes, raspberry tea is my new best friend!!  I am nauseous morning, noon, and night and the only relief I have found is by drinking hot raspberry tea.  I tried ginger root, but the tea seems to be more effective...for a while.  The downside to drinking all that tea is having to live in the bathroom most of the day...ha!
This Sunday, I will be 11 weeks!!!  Next Thursday is my first appointment and we are hoping to hear the baby's heartbeat that day :) Then I will finally announce our exciting news on Facebook :)  We are keeping the gender a surprise for us which means no ultrasound.  This time we will be going to the hospital and I have very mixed emotions.  I would love to have another home birth, but we have a few reasons as to why we chose the hospital this time.  Please pray for us!  Pray that the doctors will listen to both Jason and I and will respect our decisions in the birth of our baby.
Back to drinking my tea....