Sunday, March 30, 2014

Totally Messed Up My Blog!!!

AHHHHHH!!!!!!!  I ruined my blog!!  I lost every single picture from the very beginning of my blog that I had started 4 years ago!!
Last month, I had gone to Google+ and noticed that it had every picture that I had posted saved.  I really didn't want my pictures on Google+ not realizing that they were also blog I deleted them.  I come to my blog tonight, only to realize what I had done...GONE!!  Every picture from every post that I had posted pictures on.  I just wanted to cry.  My only solution to fix it, is to find every picture and most of them are on Facebook anyways, so I would have to figure out which pictures I need, go to Facebook, save the picture to my computer, then go to my blog and edit my posts.  This is going to be a very tedious project.  Just makes me sick to my stomach :/  So please, my faithful readers, if I have any, please be patient as I slowly fix my blog.

One Last Snowfall

Two weeks ago we had gotten one last snowfall...hopefully!!  We had gotten 4 inches of snow that day, but it didn't last long since the temps were going to be in the 50's over the next few days.  I love snow, so I didn't mind so much :)

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Tonight, Jason had taken Jesse to see the Lego movie.  As they had left, I had taken the other three kids down to the lake.  As usual, the kids had fun throwing rocks or finding shells, feathers, or cool looking rocks.  As I was walking along the shore, I found this cool rock or clay rock that had geodes forming inside!!  It is pretty cool looking!  If you look real close, you can see the points on a few of the geodes and see that they have 6 sides.  Pretty awesome looking!!
I love adventuring out in God's creation!!

Birthday Boy!!!

Yesterday was Jesse's 14th Birthday!!!  Wow!!  I just can't believe that he is 14 already!!  He is our bossy big brother to his siblings, but has such a tender and compassionate heart.  He was eager to open his presents before 6am, but I had him wait until 6:30 at least!  The night before, I had taken the other three to the store so they could buy Jesse something for his birthday.  They had gotten him candy, gum, and a wooden airplane.  We had gotten him more Star Wars Legos.  From Jason's parents, he received money so that Jason could take him to see the new Lego movie :)
He made a huge request for meals yesterday.  For breakfast I made biscuits and chocolate gravy, for lunch we had homemade chicken and dumpling soup with homemade bread, for supper we made homemade pizzas, and for his birthday cake I made dirt cake.  I told the kids that this was the last time I am making 3 special meals!!  We are going back to me making one special meal request for supper :)
I am glad that he had fun on his birthday!!  It is neat to see how God is working in his life and shaping and molding him into the young man that He wants him to be.

A Belated Birthday Surprise!!

Proverbs 18:24
"A man who has friends must himself be friendly, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother."

Last week, I had received a surprise package in the mail from my friend, Christina!!  It's fun getting packages in the mail :) On my birthday, she wrote on my Facebook wall telling my Happy Birthday.  I had to give her a hard time and asked her where my turtles were!  Ha!  She jokingly, I thought jokingly, asked what kind, real or chocolate.  I jokingly said to surprise me!  Well, not only was I surprised that she actually sent me a package, but I laughed at what she had sent :)  
I am thankful for friendship!!  Not just for the gifts, but I definitely don't mind ;)  God has truly blessed me with very special people in my life and I am thankful!!

Certified!! what?  Pre-Allied Health.  What does that mean?  Um, I guess Jason can get a job at the hospital registering people as they come into the hospital.  Why did I take a picture?  Because, even though he calls it his "Basket Weaving" Certificate, I am proud of him for all the hard work he has done so far!!  He has gotten straight A's since he has started in the fall of 2012!!  He has made the Deans List TWO times!!  Jason may not be all to impressed by this certificate, but I am :)

Friday, March 7, 2014

More Ice and Snow

Saturday night, all day Sunday, and Monday morning, it had first rained, then turned into sleet.  After about 2 inches of sleet, it had finally snowed about 3 inches worth.  Jason had taken the kids sledding on Monday and on Tuesday, I had taken the kids sledding down at the lake.
Yesterday, Jessica had made a little snowman :)  A friend on Facebook called it a "snow baby" :)
It's all melting now that we have 60 degree weather.  The kids had fun while it lasted!!  Hopefully this is it for the season!! I am ready for more 60s and 70s type weather!!

Showing Off My "Baby Bump"

I do not like taking pictures of myself, I feel that I am not very photogenic :)  But I have been harassed long enough by fellow friends and family for a "baby bump" picture.  I kept telling them when there is more baby than fat, then I would take a picture...well, hopefully this picture shows more baby than fat!! :)  I am 17 weeks in this picture!  
Yesterday, I had another doctors appointment.  They told me to come a half hour early.  When I stepped into the waiting room it was packed full of expecting mommas!!  It was busy!!  Earlier in the week, we had an ice/snow storm, so the doctor was cramming in rescheduled appointments.  I had waited for an hour before I was finally called back.  By the time the doctor came in, he was working on finding the baby's heartbeat when he received a phone call letting him know that he was needed for a delivery.  So my appointment was cut short, but I was able to hear my baby's heartbeat :)  It was 159.  Next month, we get to find out whether we are having a boy or a girl!!  We are taking all the kids with us.  I thought it would be a fun day and something new for them to experience :)  So excited to find out!!

Not What We Had Planned

Last summer the tree next to our trailer for some reason just died.  It was full of green leaves and then quickly they turned brown.  Weird.  Throughout the summer we have been cutting down trees to prepare for winter.  We ended up going through more wood this winter than we had has been a cold winter for Arkansas.  Jason has been wanting to get a good sized tree to cut that would last the rest of the winter and the only one he could think of was the one next to the trailer.  His mom has been wanting him to just wait until his brothers came, but we needed more wood before then.  So this last Saturday, Jason decided to tackle the tree.
He had gotten the tallest ladder he could find, in hopes of cutting off a few branches so when the tree fell it wouldn't hit the peach tree.  He quickly realized that the ladder wasn't tall enough.  He then took a strap to wrap around the tree and hooked up several chains that would reach the van.  My job was to get in the van and drive forward, pulling the tree.  The tree was kind of leaning in the opposite direction that we were going to pull.  Jason was hoping that with me pulling the tree, the tree would follow and avoid the power lines. 
So the plan: 1) Jason would cut a front notch in the tree. 2) He would then cut a little from the back. 3) He was going to motion for me to "Go" once he made a cut in the back of the tree. 4) I would drive forward and the tree would follow.  No problem....right? 
As his parents and the kids eagerly watched this event unfold, this is what actually happened. 1) Jason made the front notch, as planned. 2) He made the back cut, but went too far in, not planned. 3) Jason motioned for me to drive forward, as planned. 4) I drove forward, but the bottom of the tree broke and shifted forward and twisted and fell sideways right onto the power lines and smashing the garden fence and the freshly pruned apple tree....not planned!!  Immediately, we lost power to both the house and trailer.  When the tree fell the opposite way, I felt it jerk the van to the side.  I had no clue as to what had happened until I had gotten out of the van....and oh my goodness!!  I guess when Jason realized that the tree was not going to fall the way as planned, he jumped up and kind of tossed his chainsaw down and ran.  It all happened so fast that he has no idea as to why he tossed his chainsaw rather than taking it with him.  Looking at the lines down, the smashed fence and tree, he sees his smashed chainsaw under the tree.  His saw wasn't even a year old and wasn't cheap either :/ Realizing that there wasn't much that he could do now, Jason started up the generator that only runs power to the house and water pump.  Jason's mom called the electric company and they came out about 40 minutes later and had the lines fixed in two hours.  Doris and I went up to Jason's brother's place down the driveway to borrow his chain saw so we could cut up the tree.  We cut up as much as we could, and decided to tackle the rest of the tree another day.  We know that even if his brothers came to help, the same thing probably would have happened because of how the tree was leaning.  On top of it all, the peach tree that we were worried about, well, it was fine :)
Never a dull moment here!!

Keeping Busy

A few weeks ago, we had gorgeous weather of in the upper 60's low 70's!!  It was so hard to do school when it was so beautiful outside!  We did manage to squeeze in a break and head down to the lake.  I don't know what it is with water and rocks, but it's great entertainment :) The kids always enjoy looking for shells and other things that look goofy shaped rocks. 
Later that weekend, we made playdoh.  Jessica has been asking me to make playdoh for a little while and I just needed to get salt.  I finally had the salt and I decided to make a double batch.  Not sure what I was thinking, but I know remember why we don't make playdoh all to often!!  Yikes!  If ya want a good arm workout, make playdoh! :)  Joshua, Jessica, and Jacob had fun choosing which color playdoh to make.  Although we ended up with a couple of the same ugly colors because they wanted to "experiment" with the colors which turned them into some weird colors.  Oh well, they had fun and liked what they made :) Jesse, well, he is "too cool" to play with playdoh :)