Thursday, January 8, 2015

Our Loyal Companion

On December 12th, we said good bye to our loyal, spoiled companion of almost 13 years.  It was such a sad and devastating day and we truly miss him.  He had always been so good with our kids and tolerated so much from them.  He was an excellent bird dog and always LOVED going hunting with Jason.
He is greatly missed!!

Hunter 2002-2014

A Busy December

In December, we had the opportunity to do some Christmas caroling with the homeschool group at the nursing home.  It was such a privilege to spread joy to others and see their faces light up!!  After the caroling, we had a little Christmas party where the kids were able to decorate cookies and make a little craft.
That following Sunday, we were able to go to Silver Dollar City one last time with Jason's brother and family.  It was so much fun seeing all the Christmas decorations and lights!!  Going on the rides in the dark was the kids' favorite.  I really enjoyed the train ride around the park and seeing all the lights.  Being located in the "Bible Belt", it was nice being able to hear the true meaning of Christmas several times!
This year for Christmas, our family was blessed with money from a couple from church, my parents, and Jason's sister.  So this year, Jason and I decided to get the kids a keyboard and family board games.  We were able to get 7 family games!!  Jason had done a lot of research on all the games and had done an awesome job, because all the games are so much fun!!  All we had done over break, was play family much fun!!
Three days after Christmas, we celebrated Jacob's birthday!!  He had gotten a bow and arrow and was thrilled to try it out!  He requested a M&M birthday cake that he had seen on Pinterest.  Jessica and Jacob had fun helping put all the M&M's on the cake.
Jason was quite busy that following week.  We were trying to think of ways to make room in the kid's small bedroom for Jenna.  Soon she will be outgrowing her bassinet and will be needing to sleep in the pack and play pen.  So, Jason built a double top bunk for Jessica and Jacob and was able to fit their dresser and desk underneath.  It made so much more room and we were able to fit the pack and play pen in the room!!  He also built some awesome shelved in their closet in order to fit all of our games and to help unclutter their closet.  He did a beautiful job and now everything looks so neat and organized :)
For New Years, Jason's brother and family came for the week.  The kids had fun, as always, with their cousins and had fun teaching them all the new games :)


A Fun Filled November!!

November was a fun month!!  Two of my sisters were able to come down to visit for a week!!  It was perfect timing since Joshua's birthday was that same week.  My sister, Katie, did an amazing job at making Joshua's minion cake!!  The kids had fun playing with their cousins and making fun memories with them :)
 We then had the opportunity to do a little hunting this year.  Jason was the only one who had gotten a deer this year.  I was bummed not to get one, but hopefully next year!!
Jessica celebrated her birthday as well in November.  She wanted to make a Spongebob cake and decorated it all by herself!!  A few days later, she was able to have a few friends from the homeschool group come over and celebrate.  We made fish cupcakes :)  The girls had much fun playing together.
Busy, busy, busy as usual...

Fall Fun!!

October was busy as every month is around here!!  We were able to go to the pumpkin farm with the homeschool group in the middle of the month and at the end of the month, we went out to Jason's brother's house to take the kids trick or treating with their cousins. :)