Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Big Day for Jessica!!

Today, Jessica had gotten new glasses and also was fitted for a pair of contacts!!  She's been wanting contacts for quite some time now.  This evening was difficult as she is still learning.  Hoping she doesn't give up and will soon enjoy having contacts :)

Friday, August 14, 2015

Our Baby Turned 1 Years Old!!

My heart aches as it seems like just yesterday I gave birth to this precious little girl who has just turned 1 on the 9th of August!!  Jenna is such an added blessing and such a joy to our family.  This girl is always on the go!!  She loves music and expresses herself very well.  She is learning to walk and is getting much better at it!  She loves her siblings, who help take care of her and make her laugh.  She loves her "dada" who will hang her upside down or raise her high into the air or will play his Monsters game just so she will dance to the music or will take off his hat just to put it on her own head :)  She loves her mama who savors every kiss, hug, and snuggle.  We love you so much Jenna Grace!!  Happy 1st Birthday!!

Jessica made Jenna's cake from scratch and decorated it!!

After opening all the presents, the balloons were the biggest hit!

Celebrating with cousin Carissa who turned 16 on the 6th of August

Pushing the button so she can dance to the ABC's

Our Birthday Girl!!

A Bible story book from a couple from our church :)

The Summer Fun 3

Jacob fell outside and landed on a rock!!  He had gotten stitches on the inside and 7 on the out!

My first trout!!
Fishing on the White River in Bull Shoals

Jason's one of many catches of the day

Our Pentecostal girl praising Jesus at VBS in a Baptist church...this girl LOVES music!!

Getting organized and ready for school

Using their imaginations

Copper head 

Talking to Grandpa


Our wild kids!!

Learning to brush her teeth

Summer Fun '15 Part 2

 Jason and the kids had a last minute opportunity to go camping with his brother and family out along the Beaver Dam.  Jenna and I stayed home since I had prior commitments that I couldn't get out of.  I was quite bummed, but when ya have to bring an air conditioner with when camping, then it's way too hot!!
We also had fun celebrating Independence Day!!  Jason and I surprised the kids with lots of fireworks for them to set off by themselves!!  We were hoping to go see some fireworks, but due to the lake water being extremely high this year, towns nearby cancelled their display show.  But we had fun making our own display!

Beaver River

Having fun swimming in the river

Cousins and friends!

It's how we roll!!  HA!

Rock candy

The result of mom forgetting to buckle me in my stroller :(

Fireworks in the back yard!!

Jason launching a smoke bomb in the sling shot

Yep, these crazies are mine!!

Jason's fireworks

The kids' fountain display

Looking Back on Summer of '15 Part 1

As summer is dwindling down, I decided to take a look back on our summer.  We sure had one busy summer that involved gardening, camping, swimming, and a few minor injuries!!  Hope you enjoy these pictures from our summer :)

Dad allowed the kids to drive the four wheeler to help haul branches

Having fun in the hammocks with cousins

Triple decker!!

Stuffed cream cheese strawberries...yum!!

Learning to walk

Track building on the table to avoid destruction from the dog and Jenna

Found an egg in our tomato plant

Black Widow

Race car driving