Friday, August 14, 2015

Our Baby Turned 1 Years Old!!

My heart aches as it seems like just yesterday I gave birth to this precious little girl who has just turned 1 on the 9th of August!!  Jenna is such an added blessing and such a joy to our family.  This girl is always on the go!!  She loves music and expresses herself very well.  She is learning to walk and is getting much better at it!  She loves her siblings, who help take care of her and make her laugh.  She loves her "dada" who will hang her upside down or raise her high into the air or will play his Monsters game just so she will dance to the music or will take off his hat just to put it on her own head :)  She loves her mama who savors every kiss, hug, and snuggle.  We love you so much Jenna Grace!!  Happy 1st Birthday!!

Jessica made Jenna's cake from scratch and decorated it!!

After opening all the presents, the balloons were the biggest hit!

Celebrating with cousin Carissa who turned 16 on the 6th of August

Pushing the button so she can dance to the ABC's

Our Birthday Girl!!

A Bible story book from a couple from our church :)

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