Sunday, December 11, 2016

End of Summer, Beginning of Fall

Summer was ending, but in Arkansas, it sure doesn't feel like it.  As we closed the chapter to September, October arrived nice and warm.  We decided to get out and go on some adventures.  The first adventure, of course, was to find some new parks in the area.  There are so many playground parks, walking trails, and bike trails, but we decided to first check out some of the many parks in the area.  The kids enjoyed finding new parks, but their favorite one is in Tonitown, which is sadly 20 minutes away.  There is a discounted Little Debbie store right there in Tonitown that we try to stop at once a month, then head over to the park.
We had the opportunity to meet some friends at a fun little pumpkin farm this fall.  There was a huge corn maze and because of the election season this year, they had a Trump and Clinton maze layout for us to go through.  It was pretty fun trying to figure out the maze, until a small group of kids ahead of us asked one of the staff for a clue...that pretty much ruined the rest of the maze for us since it was now a piece of cake to find our way out.  But it was still fun.
We recently learned of this new fun outdoor activity that was started back in July...a rock hunt!  People in the community paint rocks and hide them at parks or bike/walking trails for anyone and everyone to find.  You are to take a picture of yourself with the rock you found, or just the rock, then post the picture to the Facebook group, and re-hide the rock.  The kids have had so much fun with this that they love to paint rocks and hide them in hopes of seeing their rock posted onto the Facebook page!  Such a fun way of getting kids outside to have fun.
My sister in law had invited us to watch my niece in one of her soccer games.  On our way home, we could see the Bucky Ball, something we had never seen before!  So of course we had to drive over to it, which is near the Crystal Bridges Museum.  The ball changes to all different colors, so the kid enjoyed being able to sit back and watch the ball change.
The kids had fun being able to pick out their pumpkins and carve them.  It is fun watching Jenna as she is learning and discovering many new and exciting things!
Joshua had a mishap at one of the parks.  He was spinning Jessica and Jacob on the merry go round when he lost his balance and fell and hit his head at the base of the spinning merry go round.  It was a weekend and there were many people there at the park.  Thankfully, there was an EMT there who rushed over and helped Joshua.  We are so thankful that it was just a small cut and nothing that needed stitched!
October ended with the kids going trick or treating with cousins and friends.  Our older two boys stayed home to help pass out candy to those in our neighborhood.   I had taken the other kids over to my sister in law and brother in law's house since they have a bigger neighborhood and the kids made out great in the candy department!  We came home only to find out that not one single person came to our house even though we had our outside light was more candy for us!!  Ha

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