Sunday, December 11, 2016

November Birthdays and Friends

November was a busy month, but then again, what month isn't busy in this household??  At the beginning of November, we celebrated Joshua's 15th birthday!  I still can't believe how fast time has flown by!  He had fun as he was able to have his cousin and a friend come over and spend the night.  Lots of silliness and goofing around, but they sure had fun!
The following week, some friends of ours from back near Peel, came out for a weekend visit!  It was so nice to see them again, spend time with them, and reconnect!  The weather was absolutely beautiful, we couldn't have asked for a more perfect weekend.  Jessica was thrilled to see her friends and spend time with them.  We took them to the square and went to the Walmart museum...I know, thrilling...ha!  We then headed to one of the many bike/walking trails in hopes of finding rocks, in which we sure did!  There last day here, we took them to the Little Debbie store and the fun park the kids enjoy playing at.  It was a sad good bye, but we look forward to seeing them again!
It was now Jessica's 13th birthday!  We now have 3 teenagers in the house!!  She had a lot of fun as she had invited her cousin and two friends for a sleepover.  Completely different from a boys sleepover.  With boys, they were happy to play video games.  The girls??  First thing in the morning, they jumped on the trampoline, painted rocks, made slime, jumped on the trampoline again, went to a park to hide the rocks, came home and painted rock again...all before noon!!  Busy, busy, busy!!
As November came to an end, the weather was finally starting to cool down enough for us to enjoy a few fires in the fireplace, but for this preggo mama, it has been roasting me out!!  Haha!

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